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A quilted bomber jacket // SelfMade (Stoff & Stil)

AD – gifted fabric though no obligation to post

Ah, this has been a hard blog post to write mostly because I just don’t like the thing I made. I have a bad habit of just ignoring/ forgetting/ hiding away makes that don’t go to plan and they often don’t make it to the blog or ‘gram! Buuuuuut I think it’s important to share when things don’t go quite right!

I received a piece of gorgeous pink green metallic jacquard from SelfMade (previously known as Stoff & Stil) as well as some matching ribbing and a pattern for a bomber jacket. My plan was to make a quilted jacket using both sides of the fabric with the pink side on the bodice and the green side on the sleeves. It seemed like a solid idea! I picked up some cheap 4oz wadding here and some lining here to go with it too.

The problem with this make starts and ends with my pattern choice. I used the SelfMade pattern mostly because they offered it. It’s a simple unlined zipped jacket for woven fabrics and a rib neck and hem/ cuff bands. The pattern comes precut on a type of interfacing and only in one size. I picked an M based on the measurements given.

I roughly cut my fabric and wadding to be just larger than each pattern piece and quilted each piece with 5cm diagonal squares. I did it this way as I knew things would likely tighten up/ get squiffy with the quilting process plus it’s much easier to quilt small pieces like this instead of huge swathes of fabric. Once quilted, I cut them to the correct size.

At the last minute, I also chose to add 5cm to the length of the bodice as I wanted it to feel a bit oversized. That poorly thought through change meant the zip I had wouldn’t work! Epic fail on my part. 🤦🏻‍♀️. To correct this, I decided to add a button band and metal snaps to the front as the closure.

At this point, I was losing a bit of heart already but kept pushing through – I’d already spent so much time doing all that quilting and didn’t want it to go to waste!

I finished making it up, adding the ribbing in a bright chartreuse and a pale peach lining and it started to look pretty good! The fabrics really looked lovely together!

That is until I tried it on for real. Don’t get me wrong, it fits ok but it doesn’t have “the look” I was going for! I don’t think I really took into consideration the bulk that the wadding would take up. I should have ordered at least one or two sizes bigger as I think it would’ve looked much better with a looser fit.

So a lot of bad decisions in a short space of time has lead to this mess! I definitely need to learn to take a step back and reassess things if things aren’t going to plan!

The good news, I’ve got about half a metre of fabric left and I’ve a feeling it might be a good choice to try my hand at using fabric for some shoe making! So who knows, I might be able to salvage some rather funky shoes from this!

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  1. I love your jacket. Two sizes larger might have have added extra bulk to the fit that would get in your way! You did a beautiful job!

  2. Thanks for sharing—even something you don’t love. I think it looks really good, but I do see what you mean about the look sizing up would have given it. Still—beautiful work, beautiful fabric, and beautiful jacket. And your shoe idea sounds really cool.

    1. I like the fit. Keeping it sleek gives it an elegant “To the Manor Born” vibe (and yes, I do consider Penelope Keith characters from 80s sitcoms valid style inspo (see also: The Good Life)). We’re often harder on ourselves than we would be on others. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Classic, trendy and dreamy are the words that come to mind with your bomber jacket make. I think it may grow on you over time. It’s really lovely.

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