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A Nora with a Coco neckline

I’m going to affectionately nickname this combo Cora!

I decided to try the Tilly and the Buttons Nora pattern again – I was in the mood for an oversized tee to go with my Dawn jeans – but my previous incarnations of this pattern had always left a little something to be desired. I could never quite put my finger on it. All I knew was that my Nora tops never made it into my main circulation of clothes!

This time I opted to keep it cropped but change the neckline as I don’t think close fitting round neck tees are always super flattering on me. To keep things in the Tilly family, I used the Coco pattern as a guide to redraw the neck to create a wide boatneck style!

This took a little bit of wrangling as the pattern pieces aren’t super similar in size and shape but I figured it out!

I made the short sleeved version and kept the stepped hem – a detail which I love!

I used a really lovely striped pique knit from The Textile Centre. (Unfortunately it’s sold out now but here’s something similar from Discovery Knitting).

Cute, right?

I was thinking about adding a little pocket to the front of the tee but just in the kick off time, I got an email from French company Britney Pompadour who offered me one of their embroidery kits! The kits include an embroidery hoop, floss and your chosen design printed on interfacing. The interfacing is sticky on one side so you stick it onto your garment where you want, embroider and then stick it in the washing machine when your done. The interfacing washes away to leave you with a clean design!

I knew this was the perfect thing to decorate this tee!

I opted for the lobster design 🦞 just because it was fun!

It’s such an easy way of jazzing up and item. It’s making me want to embroider everything!

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