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A Kyoto tee dress hack AKA my ABBA costume…

Last weekend was one of my bestie’s hen party weekend and one of the (many) things we got up to was an ABBA tribute concert!

So of course we all had to dress up for it!

Unfortunately the 70s is not really my thing so I had nothing that could really work for it and I really didn’t want to buy a rubbish RTW costume. I racked my brains (and google) for ages before I managed to come up with something I could feasibly make!

I decided to make something that would emulate this outfit…

I figured I’d just make a little t-shirt dress and belt it!

And this is what I ended up with!

I used the Papercut Patterns Kyoto tee/sweater but chose to leave out the sleeves (but kept the ruffle) and lengthened the bodice. I used a 1 metre piece of white cotton jersey covered with gold speckles that I had gotten from Girl Charlee ages ago and never gotten round to using. Stash-busting at its finest!

I didn’t have the time to decorate the front with the cat unfortunately as I was making this at 1am the night before we went away! I did however manage to buy some tacky white boot covers off eBay to complete my look though!

By chance, the Airbnb cottage we were staying at had some cats! One of which was this monster ginger cat called Rupert. He was sweet as a kitten but literally the biggest cat I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

Anyway, I figured I’d make him the cat part of my costume! 😂🤣

It totally looks the same, right?!! LOL!

So that’s probably the first and last time I try to dress up like ABBA. It’s totally not my era… 😂

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