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The Oslo coat // Tessuti Patterns

This coat has only taken a year to make!

I planned the Oslo coat from Tessuti last November – printed the pattern, bought the fabric and even cut it before I was struck down with the worst flu I’ve ever had! All my sewjo left and I just wasn’t interested in making it anymore once I felt better. So into a bag it went!

I really wanted to complete it though, so for my first post wedding sewing project I forced myself to get that bag out and start sewing!

It actually only took a couple of evenings to get it all done (and one of those evenings had a trip to the cinema) so despite it being so long from the starting point it was a pretty quick project.

The coat has a loose fit with raglan sleeves and a shawl collar. It’s fully lined with side seam pocketS and closes with a single button.

I made mine with a Lady McElroy leopard print wool coating I got from Fabric Godmother. Unfortunately I think it’s out of stock everywhere now – I can’t seem to find any anyway!

I used a woven iron interfacing where needed and I added a dommette interlining in the body pieces for extra warmth.

I can’t say it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever made. I found the instructions quite difficult to follow and the photos are just terrible – the fabric they used for the sample coat looks beautiful as a finished coat but you can’t make out any of the stitch lines which makes them a bit useless. I also found the pockets sit about 2 inches too low for me! By the time I realised – ie once I’d finished it! – I couldn’t be bothered to alter it. It’s not enough of a problem to stop me wearing it.

That being said I learnt a new technique for inserting the side seam pockets that I really like. (It’s the one where you sew the whole pocket bag into one side of the main fabric and then sew the side seam in one). I’m definitely going to be using that again!

Anyway, after all of that effort I’m not sure I even like it as much as I thought I would. As much as I love leopard print, I think this might be a little bit too much!

I think I’m going to need to hide in a wardrobe for a couple of weeks and then come back to it later and see if I like it better!

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    1. Sizing is pretty true to size. I made a AUS10 which falls just below my actual measurements and the fit is pretty good!

  1. It looks lovely on you! Just let the post-make frustrations with the project disappear and then hopefully you will feel better about it. But I love the way it looks – it made me want one of my own!!

  2. I hope you wear it. Seeing yours made me think about making one too! P.S. That’s a very restrained leopard, it doesn’t look too much at all. Su

  3. It looks very snuggly and warm, and I think the lower contrast browns (versus black and yellow) really mellow it out. I think coming back with fresh eyes is a good idea! I hope you grow to love it!

  4. I like it! I just bought a cheetah print with which I have plans to make a ‘vintage’ (self drafted) swing coat. I am happy to see the similarity in our vision. I hope that you can soon come to feel comfortable in the beauty of your creation.

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