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Sewspiration of the week!

(Sewspiration most likely shouldn’t be a word but I’m trying it out for now…)

Inspiration for my sewing this week comes from the annual Oxford Cambridge boat race held last Sunday. That (plus Easter) is always a sign that Spring is finally here (woohoo!) and gave me a nudge to start getting my spring wardrobe ready!  

The multitude of bicycles filmed following the boat race on the banks reminded me of this awesome bike print grey jersey I got a few weeks ago and what a lovely thing to put on a springtime dress!  

I’ve decided to use one of my new patterns – Lexi from Named clothing – for a somewhat slouchy A-line dress. 

I’m hoping it’ll be somewhat loose enough to hide all the chocolate I just ate and also be comfy and relaxed to wear when I’m out and about. The sleeves will give it some warmth as I think it’ll still be a while before temperatures go up here in London! This dress isn’t designed for jersey (though they do recommend it for the top version). It isn’t a particularly stretchy fabric, it’s a waffle knit of some sort, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully with some careful sewing it’ll be ok!

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