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The Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans

The Megan Nielsen Dawn jeans have been on my radar for a little while. I’d been looking for some high waist “mom” jeans for non stretch denim and had been deciding between these and the Anna Allen Philippa pants. What swayed me to the Dawn jeans were the multiple leg styles and positive experience of so many people who’d made them!

For my first pair I opted for View A – the tapered leg style and I cut myself the cropped length. I figured since I’m so short these would end up almost full length on me! I also opted to forgo the button fly and put in a zipper instead – there’s nothing wrong with them I’m just not a fan.

I used what I think is a 12oz rigid denim in a mid/light blue wash. I say “I think” because this piece of denim is from deep in my fabric stash! I actually don’t remember where or when I got it at all!

So when it comes to making jeans I’ve got a confession to make. I’m so used to making the Closet Case Ginger jeans (I’ve made 3 pairs so far) that I just use those instructions for anything denim or needing a fly zip! I have a tendency to eschew the instructions and just make them according to what I remember of the Ginger jeans construction… Yep, I know. It’s not even a particularly accurate recollection of the instructions but I enjoy making them my own way!

Because of that I won’t comment on the instructions, just on the fit!

I baste fitted these jeans three times in total. Once for an initial fit – they were too tight in the thigh and calf. A second time to check after I let them out. And a third midway through construction to double check the waist. As annoying as it is to continually unpick seams, I find these extra measures help to improve the fit. (I like to use this guide to help me with fitting issues!)

Adjustments I made:

• Curved the front crotch

• Low seat adjustment (ie scooping out the curve at the butt)

• Lengthened the front and back crotch slightly

• Used a smaller seam allowance in the side seam from the thigh to ankle

• Took in the waist at the side seam by 1cm on each side

They’re still not perfect by any means. The waist could probably do with taking in a little more as I think it’ll stretch out too much over time and I potentially need a slight sway back adjustment.

I think a lot of my problem with jeans is less to do with the fit/ pattern/ construction and more to do with the fact I’m not a 6ft tall size 8 model which is what I think I’m going to look like… My body is just lumpier and bumpier (especially in the lower tum/ crotch area) than “average” and wearing fitted clothes will inevitably show that off! I think I need to reconcile myself with that before complaining too much about how my me made jeans look on me!

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  1. I think these look amazing on you. It’s the perfect shade of blue, too. I’ve been waffling on buying this pattern for OH MONTHS because I see gorgeous versions like this, but when I go to the pattern listing, they don’t fit the Curve model particularly well (I fit in straight sizes inches-wise but proportions-wise I’m definitely in Curve). Her pair has draglines indicating the need for a full stomach adjustment – the idea of implementing one from the get-go, plus who knows what other changes, makes me tired. Could your pair look a little less good please? I’m getting tempted again!

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