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My “Clueless” inspired dress!

Is anyone still obsessed with the timeless movie classic that is Clueless? It epitomises the mid 90s and I still dream of having a mechanical closet like Cher’s!

Whilst there are tons of amazing outfits in their film, the most famous is of course that’s yellow plaid two piece outfit. It’s an absolute style classic!

And when I picked up a similar yellow plaid on an Instagram destash, I knew I wanted to make a Cher Horowitz inspired outfit!

I didn’t want to just make a replica of the skirt and jacket combo. Realistically I knew I’d never wear it out unless I was going to a fancy dress party. Instead I chose to make a pinafore version of it!

I used the Utu pinafore pattern from the Named Clothing book Breaking the Pattern. I loved this pattern have already used it a couple of times here and here. I knew it would work perfectly with this fabric!

I made a few small changes to the last version I made of this dress. I shortened it further (I like my minis mini) and I omitted the buttons. Instead I opted to use the belt and D ring closure that is used for the skirt version of the Utu. To do this I just kept the pattern marking for the belt and instead of making a long tie that goes around the waist, I made a shorter version of it that was inserted into the left side seam. A shorter tie containing the two D rings was then attached to the right front opening. I also added a little button hole on the left front (the hidden side) and an internal button to keep it all in place!

My construction method keeps changing as well!

Since I knew the fit would be reasonably good and I wouldn’t need to worry to much about it, I chose to try to sew it up differently than before.

After sewing up all the darts, I sewed the shoulder seams first. I then sewed the neckline and armholes together. Leaving the side seams open allowed me to pull the whole thing right side out and press all the bits that needed pressing. I then sewed the side seams starting at the hem of the main fabric, up to the armhole and down the length on the lining side seam in one go.

I really liked the finish and it was super quick to do!

The fabric does wrinkle a little – these photos were taken after sitting around in it for a couple of hours and you can definitely see the creases on the butt!

I love how bright and crazy this is though I do wonder how much I’ll realistically get out of it. I definitely need to be bolder with my everyday wardrobe!

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