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Monthly roundup #7

I might be on holiday right now but I thought I’d get my monthly roundup post up!

August was yet another busy month full of crafty related activities!

In the news…

I’ve posted two new YouTube videos! One covers my makes from August and a second one which goes through my holiday wardrobe for my trip to Egypt! Check them out here!

I was invited to a blogger event run by Happy Fabric which specialises in iron vinyl. I had a lovely evening of crafting and made these lovely things!

I decorated two little wash bags and hand cut and layered pieces to make the leopard print on a cushion cover!

The second fabric pop up at The New Craft House happened and it was the Sew Me Sunshine pop up! Harriet brought some lovely fabrics with her and I snagged a few beautiful pieces – one of which was the pineapple print that I used in this dress. I also got a couple of burgundy prints that’ll be perfect for a fall wardrobe!

I made it to another London stitchers meetup this month. This time it was held at the V&A and we even managed to catch a few rays sitting out in the quad. It was lovely as always to meet up with so many like minded people and just chat about sewing!

I was lucky enough to be asked to do a Love Sewing magazine review and we had the photo shoot for the garment a couple of weeks ago! (I don’t say no to being pampered and getting my hair and makeup done! 🤣). Here’s a behind the scenes photo with editor Amy.

More photos to come!

The Sewing Weekender came around again for those lucky enough to snag a ticket a few months back. This time almost 100 of us descended on Murray Edwards College, Cambridge for a weekend of sewing, chit chat and all good things!

Here’s a peak at what was in the goody bag!

Thanks again to Kate and Rachel of The Fold Line and Charlotte of English Girl at Home for organising such a great weekend (again)!!

What I’ve been watching/ reading/ listening to…

If you haven’t already, watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix. Yes it’s a bit of a teen flick but I loved seeing an Asian actress take pride of place in a movie for once! (Can you tell I’m also desperately waiting for Crazy Rich Asians to come out as well? 😂).

Reading-wise, I finally made it all the way through Pillars of the Earth! Once you get going it’s actually pretty absorbing. Who knew that building cathedrals could be so interesting?

I was lucky enough to see Hamilton a few weeks ago too. Now that was an absolutely amazing experience!! I’ve been listening to the soundtrack ever since and it’s been replaying in my head on a loop too! That’s definitely a musical that’s lived up to the hype!

What have you been up to this month? X

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  1. Happy holidays Emily! What a month you’ve had! Such a whirlwind of sewing adventures with friends and fellow sewing enthusiasts, I think anyone reading your post would sincerely have wanted to be there 🙂 I’m still puttering along with jumpers and right now I’m working on the Sew Me Something Beatrice Pinafore. I’m not sure what to make of it to be honest. I’m just doing up a muslin in a light denim but I’m not convinced I’ll make more. It depends on what it looks like on 🙂

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