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A Burda 6344 dress

I’m continuing my run of wrap dresses for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network with the simply styled Burda 6344 pattern! 

This must have been a recent release because when I googled it (which I do for all my new patterns to check what other people’s experiences with them have been – it’s a great way to get an idea of what adjustments to make and what possible hiccups may arise!), I couldn’t find a single review. I don’t think that has ever happened to me before!

Designed for knits, the dress has two lengths with an option for a hem ruffle on the knee length version. It has a waistband, princess seams on the front and closes with long ties around the waist. There are two straps for each shoulder, grown on to the front bodice pieces, which twist around each other before being sewn down at the back.

I wanted to make the maxi length version of this dress and found a lovely burnt orange coloured textured jersey to use. It’s a polyester medium weight fabric with a fair bit of bounce and weight to it. It has an almost crepe light texture to the right side and a smooth back.

I made a size 42 and made a few adjustments to the fit and style to make it suit my shape and fabric. Check out all the details on the Minerva Crafts blog here!

I love how the weight of the fabric makes the dress move and fall. I feel super glam in it! But I do think it’s a bit thick for this pattern. When it came to the waistband where in some areas you’re sewing through eight layers of the stuff, it really added a lot of unnecessary bulk. I’d definitely recommend bearing that in mind when looking for a fabric for this dress!

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  1. I love this pattern! And FYI, it’s a re-release from the magazine – July 2016. So perhaps that will help with reviews for others as you’ve already sewn yours 🙂

    The bodice is just so perfect and the skirt is nice and flowy. And I love the color of the fabric you chose!

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