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A Simplicity 8292 dress review!

Spring is finally in the air folks! I think that means I can finally crack out a lot of those weather-inappropriate makes I’ve been making all winter! LOL.

Here’s yet another inappropriate-for-the-season Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make I’ve been sitting on for a couple of months!

This is the Simplicity 8292 dress which has options for either a fitted or flared mini or maxi skirt and big statement flutter sleeves. It even had the option for a cold shoulder flutter sleeve! Those sleeves are what really drew me to this pattern in the first place. I love a big sleeve and they look like so much fun!!!

I made view B which had the flared mini skirt and the regular flared sleeve.

I chose a lovely black and white abstract printed viscose for this project. The print is a little different from what I’d normally choose but I thought I’d forgo florals for once!

The pattern is surprisingly easy to put together. The dress is made up of several panels sewn together with no darts – it’s essentially a princess seamed dress separated into bodice and skirt just under bust. That’s an important detail! This dress has an empire waist which means the waist seam sits really high up on the body. It’s worth making any adjustments if you know you don’t like that style. It would be easy enough to lengthen the bodice pieces to lower that slightly. I kept mine as it is and I think you can get away with it if you’re on the petite side!

The statement sleeves are made up of these big circles of fabric – they’re practically full circle skirts for your armholes! The good news is that these are much easier to get in than traditional set in sleeves as there’s no easing over the shoulder.

Overall it’s actually quite an easy and straightforward make!

I had one problem though!

I didn’t check the fit before I finished it off!

I made a few assumptions about the ease in this pattern and I found that when I actually got to a point where I could try it on, it ended up being a tad too snug around my hips. I had expected a bit more ease in a Big 4 pattern! I don’t think there’s an error with the pattern by the way. I think I had an image in my head of how flared the skirt was going to be but if you check the line drawing from the pattern it does look like it’s quite snug at least until the high hip area!

If I made it again I would definitely widen each of the skirt panel by an inch or so to get a bit more ease around the hips and to really exaggerate that flippy skirt!

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  1. I love this dress! It looks lovely on you! I have the pattern and as a beginner I wonder whether scuba would work well for this? Any thoughts 🙂

    1. It would have a lot more body in a scuba as it’s a much firmer fabric. That being said it could look amazing!!

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