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2018 – what a year!

It’s time again for that yearly roundup as I look back at a year of sewing, blogging and lots of fun things!


• My proudest make would have to be the bridesmaid outfits I made for my friends wedding in April!

I used my Martine hack (mashing together the Marigold and Bettine patterns from Tilly and the Buttons) for make 4 floral jumpsuits!

• I started a YouTube channel!

It’s still in the early days and I’m still figuring just what I’m supposed to be doing with all the editing and the like but I’m getting there! So far I’ve done a lot of monthly makes vlogs, a couple of tutorials and a fabric haul! Expect to see more in the new year!

• I was lucky enough to do some travelling before my 30th birthday and had an amazing experience in Egypt and Jordan.

Camels + pyramid = quintessential Egypt
At Abu Simbel temple
First time in a hot air balloon
The view over Wadi Rum desert

That’ll be a trip I’ll never forget!

• I’ve had amazing opportunities to go out and meet fellow sewists and do fun things – I’ve judged the best outfit at the last two New Craft House parties (and been to a ton of pop up events there too), had a day out at the Fashion Technology Academy and factory, been to several of the London Stitchers Meet-ups as well as The Sewing Weekender and Blogtacular.

I always love meeting up with fellow stitchers in real life – mostly because you’re all amazing and lovely and I always have a wonderful time! I’ve always marvelled at how such a solo activity such as sewing can lead to such an interactive and supportive community. Don’t ever change guys!

My favourite things of 2018…

+ On the telly, my favourite things has to be The Circle, RuPaul’s Drag Race. I thought I’d gone off reality tv but apparently not!

+ Podcast-wise, I’ve enjoyed listening to the latest sewing podcasts – The Stitcher’s Brew and Love to Sew. I love that it feels like I’ve got sewing friends in the room with me!

+ I went to see the musical Hamilton this year. If you haven’t seen it, GO. It was amazing and worth all the rave reviews it’s had across the globe.

+ I’ve been obsessed with Dua Lipa this year. That voice! It’s not normally my kind of music but New Rules has been my favourite song of the year!

+ The finale of one of my favourite YA book series has come to an end with Kingdom of Ash being released in the Autumn. There’s something about YA fantasy fiction that I just never seem to grow out of!

+ Crazy Rich Asians was released! I loved seeing an oriental cast brought to western cinema screens and for once felt really represented. I hear a sequel is in the works and having read the rest of the trilogy (China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems) whilst on holiday, I can only imagine we’re in for a treat!

+ I’ve taken a bunch of classes this year but making some heels at I Can Make Shoes was definitely my favourite! The teachers there make designing and making your own shoes seem like a doddle that you’ll be wanting to make your own at home! Follow them on Instagram and you’ll be inspired to make your own shoes too!

What’s going on at Self Assembly Required HQ…

The blog has ticked on over, having posted 92 times in the last year! (Thank you to everyone who’s been reading it!). I hope to continue on in 2019 but I’m thinking of slowing the pace down a little and posting weekly instead of twice a week! Or maybe posting one make a week and another post on something else like inspiration, styling or tutorials.

My sewing has been rather prolific and not everything I made in the last 12 months even made it to the blog or social media but I think I want to start taking more time with projects than I have been and take more time for some self care.

I still haven’t lost my love for the craft and my passion to make and create only grows.

I really want to push myself to do more patternmaking in the coming year and maybe even release my own sewing patterns (who knows!). I love pushing my creativity and mentally, it’s just such a good outlet for me.

I’m planning to keep going with the YouTube channel and hopefully develop more DIY tutorials as well as keeping up with the general vlogging.

2018 has been a great year but I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

Happy New Year everyone!

Love Emily xx

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  1. What an amazing year! It’s been great reading your posts (& seeing you irl! ) I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2019!
    Happy new year! 🥳

    1. Aww thanks! We def need to meet up again soon! Can’t wait to see (and read about!) what you get up to this year too!

  2. Happy new year! I’ll definitely watch this space for tutorials…I’ve used your hairband-for-a-button-loop trick AND copied your wrap Nettie, so I’m excited for more. 😀

  3. I loved reading your blog Emily, and I am always so inspired by your makes!
    I’m obsessed with all of Sarah J. Maas books and started listening to them on audible on my commute to work, it’s fun!
    I look forward to all your new makes in 2019!


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