When you find a pattern that works…

Do you ever find a pattern that works and just make multiples of them? It’s not something I do very often. I’m very much a once I’ve tried it I want to take on a new challenge kind of gal so it’s only for really basics that I end up doing so. 

My current favourite to remake is my hack of the Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt. I basically just made it into a plain pencil skirt by taking out the wrap element and inserting a zip into the back. I just love the shape of this skirt. It fits my hips so well but I always found the wrap front a little fussy for my style. So this was the perfect way to get my my ideal skirt.

I originally made it out of a gorgeous flamingo fabric and it was my go to skirt for the summer!

I ended up making a long version of this skirt out of some parrot fabric too!

This is the same type of fabric as the flamingo skirt I made earlier this year. I picked it up from the Great British Sewing Bee Live event a few weeks ago. I made it in time to take on holiday to Cuba – you might have seen it on my Instagram page! I kept a big split up the back of this version to make it comfortable to walk in!

My latest version is made out of a piece of remnant wool that I got from Malhia Kent in Paris several years ago. I could never decide what to do with that fabric so it has been sitting on my shelf for a long time!

This skirt was a perfect choice though since I was so limited with the yardage. I literally had just enough fabric to cut it out! I’m able to cut this skirt out of 1/2 a metre of fabric so it was one of my only options for this fabric anyway!

I love the result though I swear it’s come out smaller than my other 2 versions of this skirt. It’s definitely more fitted around my bum!

I finished each of these skirts with a different type of zip which you can see here!

I’ve tried a lapped zip, an exposed metal zip and an invisible zip.

The invisible zip was definitely the easiest to put in (just because I’ve done those the most!) but I do like all 3 equally. It was good practice trying all the different finishes!

I’m planning a few more wool version of this skirt – some plaids and prints included! As you can probably tell my style for this winter is going to be all skirts tights and boots!


  1. Cute skirts. I have a couple of tried-and-true patterns like this. I am always torn between wanting to make something familiar and trying something new.

  2. Super cute skirt!
    I’ve found a few patterns that I’ll use over and over again, but I love trying new ones – it can be both exciting and a little intimidating. You did an excellent job with both skirts and should be really proud!

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