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A hacked Closet Case Amy jumpsuit/ dungaree

When does a jumpsuit become a dungaree and vice versa? 🤣. An important (not really) distinction to make as I think I made this Closet Case jumpsuit pattern into what would be considered a dungaree! Maybe…

Well that confusion aside, here’s a new outfit I’ve made!

I took the Amy jumpsuit from Closet Case Patterns and hacked it to make something that resembled this.

This was one of many very similar inspiration photos that kept cropping up on my Pinterest feed. (I’m sure you guys must’ve seen it. It wasn’t just me was it?)

I loved the whole wide leg, effortless, minimalist vibe going. It just looks so comfy!

The fabric:

I’d been planning to make something similar for a while but only just picked up the perfect fabric for it – some striped linen from The New Craft House!

I love working with and wearing linen especially in the summer. It’s just one of those fabrics that’s so easy to use and adds that certain je ne sais quoi to a finished garment. (Check out some of my past fave linen makes here, here and here). This particular linen that I picked up had a yarn dyed pinstripe and a lightweight crinkly texture.

The pattern:

I used the Amy jumpsuit pattern (which I’d made before here) as the base for this make. The wide leg shape was already there so I just needed to adjust the top half!

I squared off the neckline on the front and back by drawing a perpendicular line to the centre front/ back. From this line, I arbitrarily picked a point around the where the strap would have been to curve down to just above the pocket notch. I did the same on the front and back matching to the same point above the notch on the side seam. I made the back “bib” slightly narrower than the front too.

I ignored the front darts at this point. There was only a small section still included in the final backed piece that it wasn’t worth worrying about especially with the loose fit I was aiming for.

I traced the top part of each front and back pattern piece to create facings and also drew out a long rectangle to make 2cm wide straps.

The construction:

Making up was super super easy. There’s not many pattern pieces at all and no need for any closures as the altered neckline makes it wide enough to step in and out of.

I added on back pockets to the bum instead of keeping the side seam pockets that the jumpsuit came with. I stupidly decided to add them before trying them on so they’re a little lower than they should. But at the same time it doesn’t bother me enough to want to change them…

Funnily enough the way this jumpsuit fits means I can just about make it work wearing it back to front. It means having the pockets at the front which I quite like! It makes it just that little bit more versatile!

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  1. Oooh it’s so lovely and breezy, great job! I’ve also been getting that pin, but I don’t own the Amy pattern and DO own the Roberts collection so I thought I might try that as a jumping off point, but yeah…this just nails it.

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