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The Amelie dress from Untitled Thoughts

Untitled Thoughts is a new indie pattern company run by Brittani over in the states. She’s released just a couple of patterns so far but is storming ahead with more and more!

I was lucky enough to test her latest pattern – the Amelie dress!

The dress has a simple design – a fitted bodice with a waist and and gathered skirt. There are patch pockets on the front. The interestingly the front has unusually angled bust darts – they angled toward the the centre front creating a V shape there. There are two design options for the open back – one is an open back which closes at the top neck, the other is a bra friendly version which features a overlap right in the middle. The dress closes with buttons down the back skirt.

She’s provided option two cup sizes (B and DD) as well as two sleeves widths to cater for a fuller bicep which I’m really impressed with!

It’s a cute design and I’m always a sucker for an open back!

I opted to make the more exposed version (with the understanding that my bra would be on show. It’s ok, I’ve got nice bras…).

The test version of the pattern required a fair bit of adjustment. I’m glad a toiled the bodice of this first!

The original bust darts were not correct and even with the adjustments I made it’s not where I’d want them.

I also had a lot of alteration of the back bodice. I have a bit of a sway back so I ended up slashing and closing the pattern in the few spots in order to take away the excess fabric.

I understand the bust issue has been fixed by the time of release but I’ve not tried it out just yet!

I made mine out of some striped Seasalt linen that I got in the sales last year. I’d made some culottes out of it but wasn’t a huge fan of the fabric (not my colours) so I thought it would be fine for this test as a wearable toile!

I had fun with my stripe placement, varying the directions for each section for impact.

I’m reasonably with happy with the result! It’s a wearable toile after all and it’s definitely wearable so I feel like I achieved my goal! I’d love to try the updated version though as I think I’d be more comfortable without the Madonna-sequel darts…

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