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On copying a RTW sweater

I’ve been pretty good at not buying clothes from the shops for the couple of years. And apart of underwear and socks, I hadn’t bought anything new for at least two! Until one day this summer when I was caught out late without a jacket and I bought my emergency jumper. Yep that is what I’ve named this jumper!

It was just a simple oversized white dolman sleeve sweater from H&M conscious collection which I had every intention of returning (as I didn’t actually need to wear it) until I tried it on and realised that I loved it!

I loved it enough to try to replicate it and it was simple enough to do.

The jumper has a simple front and back piece with grown on sleeves. All I had to do was fold it in half and lay it flat on some paper to trace around it!

Apart from very slight variations to the neckline and hemline, the front and back pieces were the same too!

This jumper has just 4 simple seams, no darts, I even left the hem and necklines unfinished like the original. (I may change that later on but I thought I’d leave it like this for now!).

Easiest project ever!

I used a light knit fabric that I’d picked up from Walthamstow market months ago. I love the subtle leopard print of it!

It’s a lot lighter than the original sweater which is a super heavy knit so it doesn’t fall in quite the same way which is a shame.

But considering this took about an hour to make (including tracing the original sweater), I’m not complaining!

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