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The Marilla Walker Roberts Collection dungarees + a Kyoto tee hack

I’ve been planning to make the Marilla Walker Roberts Collection dungarees for a while now after seeing them here and here. They just looked so cool and comfortable! 😎

I finally got round to buying and printing the pattern (I use this site to print my PDFs – not an affiliate link. I just like their service).

I also got some fabric that would be perfect for it – a black cotton twill from Stoff and Still. Twill is a great choice for this dungaree as it’s a bit softer than using denim but still sturdy enough to work for trousers.

This style of dungaree is quite different from others I’d made. Not because of the construction but due to the shape. It has a lot of ease through the middle with no waist definition.

The upside of a style like this is that fitting is a breeze! I picked the size that would fit my hips and shortened the length of the trouser and the bib a little bit but otherwise left it as is.

Construction of these could be even easier than the instructions say as you could easily skip the button placement as I found afterwards when I could wiggle in and out of my finished pair without undoing them…

For the straps I opted out of the buttons and instead slotted the finished strap through the buttonhole on the bib and tied a knot. It looks cute but it’s a nightmare when I need to use the bathroom – the price we pay for fashion! 🤣

The trouser half of the pattern has little pleats on the front and slant pockets. I find the pockets are too shallow for me (my phone keeps falling out) so that’ll be something to change in future.

To go with my dungarees, I made another Papercut Patterns Kyoto tee!

This time I made it with this fun banana jersey (again from Stoff and Stil) with a contrast cuff and hem band.

I hacked the pattern to have a little gathered section at the top of the sleeve head and I shortened the length of the sleeves and body for a slightly more cropped look.

The little gathered section just adds a little bit more drama and interest to the sleeve I think!

So two more items I love to add to my wardrobe!

I think the Kyoto tee has been one of my best purchases as it’s something I’m going to be using over and over!

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