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A Kielo wrap dress with a neckline hack

I’ve got my latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make up today and it’s the Kielo dress from Named Clothing!

I’ve made the Kielo once before (check it out here) and I loved this dress. This pattern is definitely one of my favourite patterns of all time for the sheer genius of the design. It’s so simple and flattering to pretty much all body shapes.

I thought it was about time to make another!

I’ve picked out a lovely rayon challis from Minerva Crafts for this make (it’s just come back in stock if anyone wants it). It’s bright and vibrant and perfect for a summer dress!

The main thing I wanted to change with this reincarnation of the Kielo was to change the neckline. I wanted something that was a little less covered but still retained the general shape and feel of the dress.

In the end I chose to turn it into a strappy sundress!

I lowered the front neckline and cut a deep V into the back. On both the front and the back I marked out the points at which I wanted the straps to attach and redrew the neckline from there. I made sure that I didn’t make any changes to the ‘wings’ of the dress as I wanted to limit how much of the design I was altering.

I made a facing instead of the recommended binding to finish the neckline. It was a bit finicky trying to figure out the best way to stitch it in but in the end I think it worked really well!

I made the straps with a rouleau loop. I love using my loop turner to make these. There’s something so satisfying about pulling these tubes of fabric right side out! 

In addition to the shoulder straps, I added a short strap between the deep V of the back for a bit of extra interest as well as preventing it from gaping open too much.

Check out more on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network here!

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  1. It’s fab! Love the colours, it suits you perfectly 😍 Agree with the Kielo being an amazing pattern – I’ve just made my first one and will defo be making more! I’m going to make some long sleeves ones for the winter so that I can wrap myself up in it and keep warm ☺️

  2. You look just fabulous in the Keilo. I like it so much better in rayon. And the hacks are really pretty. I may have to give it another go. Cheers from California.

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