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Fabric shopping – Goldhawk Road

If there’s only one place you have time to go to for fabric shopping in London, this is it. On sheer numbers of shops this wins out! 

I went there a few weeks ago with my sisters and bought quite a few bits for some new projects (you might’ve seen them in my Instagram feed and on a few projects already!). 

I don’t come down here often. Mostly because it’s really quite far away from me and dragging bags full of fabric (I have no self control when it comes to shopping) through the tube for an hour is not my idea of fun… That being said I was in dire need of some very stretchy jersey and some duchesse satins that I’d had no luck finding elsewhere so I braved the trip down there. 

I do find shopping here a bit overwhelming, you’re looking at back to back fabric stores for a reasonable stretch of road and I can just never tell if I’m getting a good deal or not! And it inevitably ends with me going into every single shop and then buying stuff from the first one I went to…

Anyway here are the deets for my favourite shops there:

A1 Fabrics (close to Goldhawk Road tube station)

They have pretty much lots of everything. Prices are pretty reasonable and competitive with other stores so this is my go-to place. I like getting jersey from here as well as cute cotton prints.

This was new to me when I went last! Beautiful shop with beautiful fabrics. A bit pricey (in my opinion) but may be worth it to you for sheer quantity and quality. I was so tempted to buy pretty much everything!

There are a ton of fabric stores here. I’ve not even scratched the surface with them to be honest. It’s definitely worth exploring around to see what you can find!

Getting here: 

Goldhawk Road tube or Shepherds Bush tube (a 5 min walk)

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  1. I am heading to Goldhawk Road on Saturday so I will definitely be dropping into these two on your recommendation. Are there any that you think I should avoid completely – that might make it a bit easier!?

    1. I don’t like the stores on the south side of the road (tube stop side) so much but there’s one pretty much next to the station which has a very wide selection if you don’t mind the pushy sales people… I did mind and left before buying anything! There’s a lot of shops and fabric to rifle through – most of them will sell the same things at the same price so don’t do what I do and try to visit them all before buying just to get the best price!

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