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Is this love? A knitted sweater from WATG

My knitting rate is shockingly poor. I’ve had this sweater on needles for the best part of a year only just round to finishing it over the Christmas break!

I got the Is This Love sweater kit from Wool and the Gang sooooooo long ago (it was on sale at the time and I couldn’t resist!). The kit comes with 8 balls of their Happy Shiny Cotton, darning needle, handmade label and the pattern. I opted to get their metal circular needles too!

The sweater is knitted as separate pieces which are then seamed together. The pattern itself is reasonably straightforward I think, though I don’t think I made it particularly well! I find that I’m ok at the knitting part but piecing bits together seems to leave everything in a hot mess! I can never seem to get it quite right. I really liked the holey stitch used on the upper part of the sweater mostly because this was the quickest part to do and making the frill too!

Though I’m mostly just happy that I managed to finish it!

I made the sleeves about 8rows shorter than the pattern asked for. Just measuring everything as I went showed me they would’ve ended up far too long!

Unfortunately this sweater pattern only comes in one size and whilst I can get it on I don’t think it’s particularly flattering! (If you check out the sample garment on the website the model wearing the sweater is really rather skinny and it looks much better on her!).

I think this one will have to be gifted to one of my sisters who are both much slimmer than me!

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