Another hacked Myosotis dress!

The Myosotis dress from Deer and Doe patterns is one of my favourite patterns to hack at the moment. The original fitted me pretty well so I know it’s a good base for making changes!

For my latest version I wanted to make something long and flowy with a gorgeous printed floral viscose I got from

I started with my original bodice pieces which I then lowered the neckline in the same way as my previous version. I then tapered in the the side seam by 1cm on both the front and back pattern pieces to reduce the overall width of the waist by 4cm. I also adjusted the shoulder to take it in my 1.5cm as well.

The sleeve was fun to do! I cut the sleeve pattern piece into strips and spread them out evenly adding width to the sleeve and sleeve head. I made mine wide enough that it just fitted on my fabric whilst folded!

For the skirt I used the original pattern piece and added a little bit of length to it so it would hit just below the knee. I used the original frill piece without any changes though.

Making up was super easy. The only real change compared the original was the sleeve! I gathered the sleeve head and the hem before setting it in and adding the cuff.

I adore how it’s come out! I think this is how I should wear red as I feel much happier in this than my last red dress! Though that’s a lot to do with the style as well – this V neck, big sleeve, big skirt thing really works for me at the moment. This is definitely my “look” right now!

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  1. Looks great! The sleeves look really good.

    lI ove their Belladone dress pattern. May have to try this one as well.

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