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The Lander pants from True Bias

For this month’s Minerva Crafts make, I’ve made the Lander pants!

I’ve always loved the True Bias Lander pants on other people but I never thought they’d look good on me. I think I just didn’t relate body shape wise to the people and the versions I was seeing on social media.

In particular, I didn’t think the exposed button front crotch would work. My lower tummy/ crotch/ hip region is definitely a “bigger” area on me and not something I would want emphasised which I felt the buttons do. (It’s the way they pull and make those horizontal creases!).

Despite that, I really liked the general shape of these trousers. I totally have a thing for high waisted cropped pants!

So, I thought I’d give it a whirl and see how it turns out!

I picked out a fun light pink babycord for this make. I think a heavier cord might felt a bit more sturdy for trousers but I love how soft these are!

I decided to forgo the button opening and put in a zipped fly instead. I did this by altering the front pattern piece to have a “grown on” fly piece similar to the Closet Case Ginger jeans. I then just followed the Ginger jeans fly instructions step by step!

It worked a treat!

It’s a little creased – I’d been wearing it all day at this point! – but I really love how they’ve turned out.

They’re cute and fun to wear and I think they’ll work trans-seasonally too! I want to try this pattern in some denim at some point. I think this pattern would look really good in a more typical jeans style!

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  1. They look absolutely fantastic. You did an awesome job. I love the pink, great choice. I really enjoy your blog and I love the fact that you love to try new things. Looking forward to your next make. Have a Happy Holiday from the other side of the pond. Cheri

  2. I’m so glad someone else noted that about the social media on the Lander… and I’m so glad you sewed it up anyway. I actually acquired the pattern about a week ago, I thought I’d at least give it a toile, but I had my doubts about how it would fit my curves. I think that’s a good point about the button fly and thanks for the advice about using the ginger jeans instructions… I’m probably going to try that.

  3. These are too cute on you! It’s true that I’ve seen pulling on most button flies in photos, but I can’t remember a single crotch I looked at in person today, so if you were ever jonesing for the button fly I bet it would be fine in the real world. 🙂

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