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The Didi Sweater // Fibre Mood

The Didi sweater has that retro 80s/90s vibe with the quarter zip that’s all the rage at the moment and this pattern was one that I was most excited about from edition 17 of Fibre Mood. I’d seen samples and a line drawing ahead of its release and thought this was a sweater I’d love to make!

I’ve got a subscription for the paper magazine so I waited (rather impatiently) for my Fibre Mood magazine to arrive!

The Didi has a dropped shoulder and boxy fit through the body, finished with a rib cuff and hem. The neck is the interesting part with a self lined zipped collar yoke detail.

By the time I got the magazine through the letterbox, I’d seen quite a few versions of it and I’d already earmarked the fabric I wanted to use! I’d bought a stack of knit fabrics from My Fabrics last autumn and included was a super soft beige knit that I knew would make an awesome sweater.

It’s an oddly satisfying pattern to sew. The neck/ collar pattern piece is such an odd shape that when it comes together, it feels amazing! The zip is sandwiched between the folded neckline giving a really clean finish to both sides without being fiddly to sew at all.

It’s a real shame that after the wait and the pleasing construction that I don’t really like the finished article!

I really only have myself to blame. I was in such a rush to make it I hadn’t taken much notice of the finished measurements of the pattern. Fibre Mood patterns are pretty true to size and I rarely use a size outside of my normal choice. Whilst it still fits, it doesn’t quite have that slouchy look and feel that I was hoping for and has ended in that semi fitted territory that just doesn’t work for me!

I actually still really like the pattern itself and with some tweaks to the fit, I’d definitely use it again especially if I want to achieve that neckline. Though I think this one will be heading into the regifting pile!

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