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The Milo Cardigan // Seamwork

[Updated 24/1/22 with my latest version of the Milo!]

Warning: This is probably one of my most practical makes to date. Don’t let that put you off though!

The boxy cardigan sweater look has been big this year. (I reckon it’s a culmination of 18 months of loungewear and the need to move on from a hoodie and a grubby t-shirt…). Usually worn by itself and matched with, well, anything, it seemed like a no brainier to make my own!

I was tempted to get the Marlo cardigan pattern from True Bias which was released quite recently. I’d seen lots of lovely versions of this one!But, I’ve also been trying really hard to not keep buying more patterns so I decided to use one I already had access to instead!

I’ve had a Seamwork subscription for the past year (due to expire and will not be renewing by the way) and found the Milo Cardigan pattern there which I felt was a decent nod to the style I wanted. (By the way Milo and Marlo?? What a coincidence? 🤨).

The Milo pattern is a relaxed fit cardigan with a V neck and comes in two lengths with optional patch pockets. Although the pattern said it was a “relaxed fit”, looking at the models and other versions of it, I still felt it was more form fitting than I wanted. So, I opted to use the shorter version of a slightly larger size than I’d normally use and hacked it to create a boxier silhouette by straightening out the side seams.

The pattern is simple but comes together really well. I actually can’t fault it. It’s a quick and satisfying make! I really liked how the neck and button band came together to sit so well against the body.

I used a beige acrylic faux angora knit fabric from TFG fabrics (they don’t actually stock the colourway I used anymore but here’s a similar one). It’s a lightweight knit with a slight stretch and whilst it feels soft to touch on the outer surface, the skin side is just a touch uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just being sensitive though!

Yes, I’m wearing it with a new leopard print hacked Amy jumpsuit…

Yes, it does look a bit like a Flintstone’s costume…

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the fabric I used (my own fault), I can give a thumbs up to pattern which, after a bit of hacking, was perfect for the look I wanted! I’d definitely use it again though perhaps with a softer fabric choice!


Well I can definitely say it’s much improved with a better quality fabric! Here’s my latest version of the Milo made in a super soft and squashy waffle jersey from My Fabrics. I made it exactly the same as the previous version.

The fabric has a bit more body that my first one so it came out a little more boxy/ bulky which I kinda like! I also made a pair of matching shorts using the Common Stitch Pipit Loungewear pattern whose fit really works for me.

I love making loungewear like this because I just get so much use out of it and I can feel a bit “dressed up” just mooching about the house! 😂

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