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5 Last Minute Xmas Gifts to Craft

Let’s face it, there’s always a last minute Christmas present hat needs sorting. That aunt/ cousin/ sibling/ coworker that you meant to buy something for but may have forgotten about… But with some quick crafting skills, there’s always something you can make!

1. Sew a scarf

Yup I said sew a scarf not knit one! (Though if you’re a quick knitter sometimes a chunky scarf is a pretty quick project!). Sewing a scarf involves just hemming the edges of a nice piece of fabric! Use a rolled hem on finer fabrics or if you want to out in a bit more effort, you can turn a hem and do a quick straight stitch. For something more snuggly, try using a snuggly knit like this cable knit. I always like the idea of turning these into infinity scarves. This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess sews up in a way that hides any unsightly seam allowances.

2. Sew a hat

This pattern from Victory Patterns uses knit fabric to make a quick hat. You could even upcycle an old sweater for this make!

3. Tote bags and shoppers

A great way to use up odds and ends of cotton poplins or canvas you might have lying around, a fun tote bag is an easy project to whip in a pinch! You can make these as simple or as complicated as you want. On the easy side of things, just sew together two rectangles, hem the opening and topstitch on some handles. Conversely, you could take things up a notch and add pockets, patchwork or shaping to make a unique gift.

4. Make a personalised Christmas ornament

I’ve knitted a few Christmas ornaments this year and I’m totally addicted. They’ll take an evening to do so you won’t have time for many at this point but it’s a truly lovely thing to gift.

These tiny Christmas jumpers were made using this free pattern from Ravelry. I used left over sock yarn and skinny 2.5mm needles. I added embroidery to mine to individualise each one and made tiny hangers out of jewellery wire to hand them!

5. Sew an eye mask

And eye mask quick make only needs a few bits of scrap fabric and some elastic. This tutorial from Tilly and the Buttons comes with a free pattern and instructions to make your own. If you don’t have wadding to hand, use some fleece or thick jersey to help add some body. You won’t get the same about of bounce but it’ll do in a pinch!

I hope all of you reading this are able to enjoy the holiday period in some way. This year has been a weird and worrying one and though normally at times like this when we’d want to be surrounded by friends and family, we can’t. Hopefully things will get better soon!

Sending you all a virtual hug from Self Assembly Required HQ!

Merry Christmas! X

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