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The Falbala blouse // Wear Lemonade

A couple of years ago I splurged on a Wear Lemonade Pattern subscription. It used to be called the “Netflix of sewing” though it’s been rebranding to the “Lemonade Pattern Corner” and allows you to download as many of their sewing patterns as you want! There’s a minimum term of 3 months (at €7,90/month) but if there are enough patterns you like it can work out to be super super cheap!

At the end of my three months I ended up just downloading every single pattern then cancelling my subscription. I didn’t feel like I was using them enough to be worth maintaining the service! In fact I’ve only used a very small handful of them in total which bring me to today’s make – the Falbala blouse! This was on my list of patterns to make but just ended up getting bumped in favour of other projects at the time.

I figure now was the time to dig it out though!

The Falbala blouse is a loose fit blouse with a double sleeve flounce and a V shaped back neckline. It sweet and simple and was perfect for this black tulip print viscose I got from my latest My Fabrics order.

I made a few alterations to the pattern after looking at various versions on social media. I brought in the neckline but a couple of centimetres on each side and deepened the V at the back. Because I deepened the V, I chose to cut the back bodice with a centre seam to make it easier to finish the neckline with the bias binding. I also did a big bicep adjustment and ended up having to change the flounce accordingly.

The upside of spending time doing all these changes meant that it fit perfectly first time!

I also added a line of black ladder trim that I had left over from this project. I inserted it in a V shape to mimic the back neckline.

It’s a cute little blouse and I like this pattern a lot. It’s sweet and simple and that’ll make it a great base for some patten hacking!

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