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The Pinnacle top from Papercut Patterns

I love interestingly cut patterns – the ones that look like weird puzzle pieces that somehow magically come together to make a shape you understand! The Pinnacle top and sweater from Papercut Patterns is one of those!

The pattern, if you’re making the V neck version, is just two pattern pieces plus a neck facing. The back, sleeve and front is all joint together and there’s a separate triangular piece for the lower front. That’s all. The sweater and high neck versions come with various other little pieces but they’ve really kept this pattern as simple as they come!

I used this gorgeous striped loopback jersey from Sew Me Sunshine for this and I made Version 1. Yes I made the only version that was meant for woven only out of a knit… Perhaps not the smartest move but I really wanted a V neck sweater!

I actually don’t think it really made much of a difference. I pretty much cut the pieces and sewed it in the same way. I even kept the neck facing the same though instead of top stitching it down I did an invisible catch stitch on the inside to tack it in place.

I finished the hems of the sleeves and body with my coverstitch machine which really negated the need for the cuffs and hem band and still allowed a neat finish.

I didn’t realise quite how cropped it would be at the front though I wonder if I’m not just wearing it funny. Without a shoulder seam to guide me it’s a little difficult to tell if I’ve just pulled it back too much.

I played with the stripe placement of the lovers front piece and decided to cut this piece on the crossgrain so I could have a vertical stripe here. I really like the effect it’s made!

I definitely want to do this top again but perhaps in a woven fabric next time! I think a lovely plain linen would look spectacular!

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  1. Nice stripe placement. I’m wearing a linen version of this top right now. It’s the perfect thing to throw on when working from home. And yes, the pattern shapes are a bit like magic!

  2. I don’t think you are wearing it funny. I went to their website and looked at all of their models photos and they all look like yours. I think it looks great but if you remake it and want it to look straighter, try narrowing that front piece at the bottom of the pyramid and lengthen it a bit. i loved they you matched the stripe.

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