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The Freedom jumper!

Guys! I finished a knitting project in just a couple of weeks!!

Yeah, I’m just as gobsmacked as you are right now… 🀣

Knitting has never really been my forte. It always seems to take forever for me to complete anything – check out the cardigan I made last year which took 8 months! It is, however, something I keep pursuing despite that as I love the idea of making something so completely from scratch! (All the beautiful colours of wool don’t hurt either…)

I recently bought a new kit from Wool and the Gang called the Freedom Jumper – a super chunky knit raglan sleeved turtleneck sweater made with their Heal the Wool yarn which is 100% recycled wool.

This is probably the fastest thing I’ve ever knitted (bar some chunky knit beanie hats I made last year) and the reason for it? 12mm needles! When you’re knitting on needles this large, it’s just so much faster!

The design of the jumper is pretty simple – the same sized front and back bodice and two sleeves in a raglan style. After knitting each piece separately (without casting off), you then pop them all back on to the needles to knit the funnel neck. After that, it’s just a case of sewing up the seams and weaving in the ends.

I sized down with this project, taking into account the finished measurements rather than the size chart. That being said the result still seems huge!!!

Perfect for staying cosy on those winter nights but perhaps not particularly functional for day to day use! (It’s so heavy I feel like I’m wearing an entire sheep!).

I bought some more of the chunky Heal the Wool yarn (it was 50% off at the time!) in Pink Lemonade so I’m going to give this sweater pattern another go but with some alterations!

I’m planning to shorten the length of the bodice to a cropped/ just above the hip length, make the bodice and neckline narrower and add a giant cable to the sleeve. It should look like a completely different jumper by the end of it!

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

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  1. That’s amazing πŸ‘ I’d love to knit a jumper just like that!! (… all my attempts so far have been awful!!) well done! πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  2. Thank you for sharing!! I’m finally going to cast mine on after having it stashed for 2 years. πŸ˜… how much ease is there in your finished sweater relative to your size?

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