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On making knock off Lucy and Yak dungarees // Hello Workshop

My go-to lockdown look is most definitely a pair of dungarees. I have multiple pairs in various patterns, print and colours that have all been in heavy rotation and yet I still want more!

I decided I needed a “classic pair” in the Lucy and Yak style i.e. indigo denim with tie straps!

I used the Hello Workshop Hayley dungarees as my base pattern. I’d used it once before to make these dungarees and liked the general fit. I’d already done a tied strap hack to that version so I knew it would be an easy job to create the version I wanted!

I opted to shorten the bib slightly and take in the waist just a touch. To get that Lucy and Yak style, I squared out the back bib and added curved patch pockets everywhere!

My trick for making pockets with a curved corner is to cut a curved template out of card so that you can press around it and get a crisp edge!

I used a dark blue stretch denim from the stash – I’ve no idea where I got it from. (I’ve got a terrible habit of buying denim whenever I find it which means I built up quite a stash over the years!).

It was a super quick make especially as I’d made it before. I managed to whip it up in an evening!

When I went to photograph it, I paired it with a white blouse I made recently. Without meaning to I’d completely replicate Meryl Streep’s look from Mamma Mia! 😂

I changed…

It’s a super comfy classic dungaree and I’m hoping it will last for years!

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