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A Mira/ Eva dress mash up!

I feel like I’ve been embracing my inner child with some of my makes of late! I just love everything in fun colours and loose shapes – exactly what you put your toddler in! 🤣

My latest make is a mash up/ hack of a couple of my fave dresses of late – the Mira dress from Fibre Mood and the Eva dress from Tessuti.

Both feature dartless bodices with sleeves but with different style skirts.

I took the skirt and sleeves from the Mira and the bodice and pockets from the Eva and schmushed them together for this make!

My idea was a cute little summer dress with a pouffy sleeve and LOTS of ruffly bits. I had a beautiful yellow fabric with a subtle leopard texture (and of unknown fibre content 😂) that I’d picked up from Walthamstow market a few weeks back for a steal and it demanded to be used!

For the pouffy sleeve I used the slash and spread method to add volume towards the sleeve hem. I added a cuff piece the width of the original sleeve – this meant it’s still quite a loose fit as the original sleeve is relatively wide.

I changed the skirt slightly too. Not in terms of the pattern pieces but in the construction!

I wanted a more obvious ruffle along the bottom tier. I decided to fold upper the top edge of the bottom tier and placed my gathering stitches over over this fold. Once it was all gather I topstitched this section onto the upper tier of the skirt.

It’s a little more fiddly than a normal gathered skirt but I love the extra detail!

I just hope the weather stays warm enough for me to get a few wears out of it before autumn comes!!

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  1. Hello. Could you share the sewing pattern please or a link to have it. I’d like to do the same dress, it is so beautiful

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