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A DIY baby sleep bag!

I was recently gifted a piece of fabric from the Chat Chocolat newest fabric range – it’s not available to buy just yet but it will be soon!

The summer collection is full of bright woven viscoses and fun printed jerseys. I ended up with a piece of french terry with a large scale abstract print!

I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do with it as it’s not exactly something I’d normally wear myself but it’s a really fun and quirky print!

What I thought it really worked for was for kids stuff! And as a I know a a lot of new humans that have arrived recently, I thought I’d use it to do some selfless sewing and make some baby gifts!

So I didn’t want to just make another pair of leggings or a onesie as kids just grow out of these things so fast. Instead I’ve had a go at making a baby sleeping bag!

I saw one of these once upon a time and thought they were really clever! It’s a way of putting your baby to bed without having to worry about them getting tangled up in the covers. Essentially is a tiny sleeping bag with armholes. Or a long dress that’s sewn up at the end? Either description kind of works!

I opted to draft my own which may end up being a huge mistake as I very much guessed the sizing. I compared what I drafted to the general size and shapes I found online but until I get a baby in one I won’t be 100% sure it’s worked!

My design included poppers on the shoulders and chest to help make it easier to get the baby in and also a long zip along the lower edge. A lot of the shop bought ones had these kinds of details so I tried to get as many of them on as I could.

I used KAM snaps for the poppers which are just so much fun to put it. I got a cheap set off eBay and it works a treat and comes with a huge variety of colours!

I think the finished result looks pretty good in terms of dimensions. It’s always so hard for me to tell!

I’ll have to find a baby to try it on and then tweak the pattern for the next one. I’m planning to make three out of all the fabric I had!

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