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Sushi pyjamas!

As with every Chinese New Year, I had to have some new pyjamas!

This year’s pair have undoubtedly been my favourite so far – I made sushi pyjamas (or sushijamas as Joy of Pink Coat Club likes to call them).

I pick up this novelty printed jersey from Like Sew Amazing just before Christmas. I was feeling really poorly and needed a pick me up. I used my “winnings” from the cosy cardigan challenge to get it so it was an extra sweet purchase!

And so I made these!

For my pyjama top I wanted a long sleeve t shirt. I opted to use the Papercut patterns Kyoto tee (minus the frill). It’s a great basic drop shoulder loose fit tee so it was perfect for want I wanted.

For the shorts I decided to DIY a pair from scratch!

I took a pair of some old jerseys shorts, drew around them and added an overlapping section on each side so I ended up with an overextended front and back pattern piece. Sewing them up was super easy. I sewed the inseam first followed by the crotch rise. I then hemmed the whole thing And stay stitched the overlapping section. For the waistband I used a piece of elastic, cut to my waist size, which I stretched to match the shorts before sewing together.

Easy peasy and done in an hour!

I’m wearing them with the top tucked in just to show you what the top of the shorts look like but I obviously don’t sleep with them like this… 🤣

I’m not surprised there have been lots of sushi pyjamas popping up on social media recently. They’re ridiculously comfy – this jersey is super soft! At some point there’ll need to be a sushijamas sleepover! 😂

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