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DIY Pink pleated midi skirt

I didn’t actually mean to make this skirt. Which is a bit weird but is sometimes what happens during the creative process!

I’d initially planned to use this pink polyester crepe fabric for a hack of my much beloved Sabrina dress from By Hand London but after much flapping about, I knew it just wasn’t going to work how I wanted it to.

I’d already pleated loads of fabric though so I had to use it for something! 

(By the way, I made the pleats using the fork method for the first time. It was so much fun to do and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking to make nice even knife pleats quickly!)

This fabric had a lovely lightness and drape to it. It needed a simple design to show it off! 

I ended up making a super simple midi length pleated skirt – essentially rectangles with pleated on one end and a waistband! 

I used two ‘widths’ of the fabric, one as the front and one as the back skirt. The back skirt, I cut into 2 to allow for a centre back seam. (If you don’t mind a side seam, I’d just use 2 wide panels).

For each panel (3 of them), I created knife pleats all along one edge and stay stitched these as I went. 

I purposely didn’t measure anything at this point as I knew after pleating, I’d trim down each panel to fit my waist measurement. This allowed me to maximise the number of pleats I could fit in without spending ages doing all the math…

I made a skinny waistband with measurements from my natural waist + a little ease + seam allowance for the zip.

A quick sew to put the waistband and an invisible zip in the centre back and ta-da! A skirt!

I’ve got a little bit of this fabric left over so I think I’m going to make a little camisole so I could potentially wear them together to make it look like a dress!

I like these moving shots! Hopefully it kinda shows how the fabric flows!

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