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A button front denim pencil skirt

I really wanted to get one of those 70s styled A-line denim mini or midi skirts that’s been in all the stores for the past year but I was totally insistent that I’ld make my own! Well I finally got round to buying the fabric for it and what did I do? Make a totally different skirt… Well not completely different but definitely not what it was originally intended for! It was one of those things where with time, designing and planning the end result wasn’t quite what you were initially expecting!

So here’s what I ended up with!

I made a knee length high waisted pencil skirt with a back yoke and a short front button placket. Considering I planned for an A-line mini skirt (still with buttons on the front though), this was quite a change!

On to the pattern!

I drafted this myself from my basic block. It’s a simple enough shape and straightforward enough to do. I added a back yoke for extra shaping and a narrow waistband for definition. The button placket was kept short of the full skirt length to create the appearance of a split in the front.

I was a bit wary of the fabric I was using. I’d found this stretchy denim in a lovely bright blue on a recent shopping trip but I’d never used a woven with this much stretch in in before. I was concerned about how much stretch there’d be whilst sewing and also if even a negative ease would be required in the fitted areas. I made sure to interface the waistband properly to make sure that that at least held its shape well – but apart from that I left it all to fate!

Luckily it sewed up reasonably easily. (I still think it’s a bit out of shape to the original pattern but not in a way anyone would notice). 

I opted to place metal snaps instead of proper buttons on the front placket to keep it looking really neat rather than having messy buttonholes visible everywhere. I’d done this just after I’d finished my Rosa jackets so I was well practiced at putting them in!

Here’s the result!

I’m a bit sun-kissed in this photo. I’d fallen asleep in the sun the day before! πŸ™

So I love the shape of it. It’s simple and clean. I wish I could’ve made it make 2-3 inches longer to make it a proper midi skirt but that’s the peril of only buying a metre of fabric and then changing your plans… I’ve literally not even got a scrap left after this so there was no way I was going to be able to make it longer!

I’m planning to add back patch pockets and maybe belt loops to it at a later stage. Maybe. I’ve cut them out ready but I think I’ll wear it for a bit and see if it’s needed or not!

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  1. Another great make! I’m really loving the look of denim skirts at the moment, something that I would barely even think to buy nevermind make until recently, after seeing so many great ones, including yours!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it wasn’t something I was that into either to start off with but after seeing so many around it totally swayed me!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour, that little yoke is such a lovely detail. Were the metal snaps easy to put in and where did you get them? I’m doing the skirt for the simplicity blogger challenge (are you entering too?) and want snaps on my skirt but a little afraid of doing them right πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah I’m entering the challenge too, only the dress and vintage top ones though! The snaps I got from eBay. They’re pretty quick and easy to put in once you get the feel for how hard to need to bang them in. Just have a few practice rounds first!

    1. Thanks! I’m planning to do a tutorial for the snaps soon actually so check back for that! The ones I order (from eBay) don’t come with instructions so I figure it’ll be something worth writing about!

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