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The Ruffle Tee pattern for free!

So I’ve been working on learning how to create PDF patterns lately. I’ve been dipping in and out of Lauren Dahl’s Pattern Workshop course which has spawned tons of indie pattern designers already. Who’s knows, maybe I’ll be next! Hehe!

I’ve gotten as far as digitising hand drafted ones – which isn’t very far let me tell you! But I thought since I loved the ruffle t-shirt I drafted for my Thread project last week so much, I would try to put what I’ve learnt so far into action! Plus I figured that but the time I learnt how to do this professionally, ruffles would be out of fashion…

I’ve decided to make this pattern available as a print at home PDF pattern as a little freebie for you guys! You can download and print the pattern and instructions for my Ruffle Tee here:

The Ruffle Tee Pattern

The Ruffle Tee Instructions

It isn’t graded I’m afraid – I haven’t gotten round to figuring out that part yet! – so it’s one size only. Feel free to grade it to your size as you need it though! I think it should fit up to a 38″  bust comfortably as it is for a loose fit but can go larger if you like it more tight fitting. The shape and fit of it is pretty standard for a t-shirt.

One more thing to note is that I’m the only person to have checked and tested this! There is a chance I may have made a mistake somewhere and not noticed it! I apologise in advance if that happens. (Don’t hate me!)

I’ve written up some basic instructions to go with it but it obviously isn’t in the same detail as a professional one would be. I would have loved to put in more diagrams/ photos in but it was just not feasible.

So try it out if you fancy it!

Any and all feedback is welcome! In fact I’d love to hear your thoughts about what I’ve done here!

Don’t forget to tag me if you post your make on Instagram @selfassemblyrequired and use #SARruffletee too!

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  1. That’s so sweet of you to share this pattern, especially for free! I’m excited since I really liked the top when you posted about it, and it’s unlike any other tee-shirt patterns that I’ve seen out there! As soon as I can find someone to print it for me, it’s going in my queue. Thanks again!

  2. Hello! Thank you for the gift 🙂 May I ask which software are you using in order to create the vectorial drawings?

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