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A stripey Kyoto sweater!

I am ALL about the sweaters right now since it is absolutely freezing here in London!

I’ve had my eye on the Kyoto sweater for a little while as a potential staple knit pattern that could be an alternative style to my beloved Linden sweaters. Plus I was keen to try out something from the New Zealand based Papercut patterns at last!

Papercut is one of those brands where I love their general style and stylish packaging but when I actually look at the the individual patterns, I don’t often find something that suits my style. The Kyoto was the first one where I thought I had a very good chance of making something I’d loved! I bought the paper version direct from them during their Black Friday sale. They offer free shipping worldwide which meant it actually worked out to be quite reasonable.

The Kyoto sweater features a drop shoulder and can be made either as a full length sleeve or a short sleeve. It has an adorable ruffle that goes into the arm/ shoulder seam. It’s cute. And a super easy make too!

I made mine out of a fine French terry I bought from Girl Charlee months ago. I had bought and used some previously to make this Christine Haynes dress and I loved how soft and drapey this fabric was. So I bought myself some more…

I’d originally planned to make a cardigan out of it but cardigans and I aren’t friends at the moment so I had just pushed it to the side…

This seemed like a good time to use this fabric though! I was majorly inspired by Rosa (off the vlog Sewn) who had made a red and white striped version of the Kyoto and I thought hers looked awesome!

Size wise I made an S and graded to an M at the hip just to be on the safe side. My fabric doesn’t have a huge amount of stretch so I wanted to make sure there was plenty of ease. I left the cuffs off as I found them too tight. Plus the sleeves were long enough without them!

Check out my stripe matching! So pleased with it!

It’s a great slouchy sweater pattern and so so comfortable. It’ll definitely be perfect for those lazy days of lounging around (or in my case, days of hiding behind my sewing machine…).

It would also work without the ruffle to make a more basic (and less flamboyant) version which would be perfect for work for me.

I have some gorgeous Atelier Brunette French terry (the pink and gold twinkle stuff!) that I bought recently and I’m currently deciding whether to do this Kyoto sweater or do a Linden sweater out of it! Thoughts folks?

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  1. Love your stripey Kyoto! Of all I’ve seen of this pattern I like yours the best 🙂 It’s a great fit – and that ruffle looks great on you! I would do up another with a ruffle in that beautiful, “Atelier Brunette French terry (the pink and gold twinkle stuff!” (that I wanted to buy but the shipping to Canada was just too high!) I think this will become another one of your TNTs. I have several PaperCuts patterns – I really love their style and the quality of their patterns is so top notch.

    1. The Atelier Brunette fabric was definitely a splurge even without having to factor in shipping costs! It’s lovely stuff though if you can get your hands on it!

  2. Funnily enough, I have just made the Kyoto in the navy AB twinkle and at the last minute decided to ditch the sleeve ruffles because I thought the fabric wasn’t quite drapey enough. Just mho – depends how you like your ruffles! 😄

    1. Ah! See that’s what I was worried about – I don’t want them to start to look like arm bands if they’re sticking out too much!

  3. Love your sweater, so cute. I’ve made the Linden out of the Atelier Brunnette and I’m a bit blah about it. It’s pretty soft so not sure whether it would look good with the frill, but if so I’d go for another of these.

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