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Sew Alongs – A Destination Wardrobe

I recently joined a sew along group on Facebook, just in time for their latest challenge – a destination themed wardrobe! Now it’s not just for jet-setters. A ‘destination’ could be anything – your workplace/ gym/ warm weather/ cold weather… I think the point is to make a somewhat cohesive array of items. Anyway, the goal is to make 8 individual items by mid-December of which one can be an accessory and if you make a coat or jacket you get extra points!

I’m planning a Far East wardrobe as I’m heading out to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia soon! The idea is to create items which are cool to wear, look chic and are relatively modest (no short shorts and the like).

I’ve already made the blush pink culottes – which I wore in Valencia in August and have that perfect cool and airy feel to them. Now I just need to decide on and make the rest!

So far the plan is:

1. The stripy blue Josie sundress which I meant to have made in August, is top of the list here.

2. Another maxi length Mélilot. I love how these look and feel! But the blue one is oddly formal so I’m going to make one in another print that should hopefully be a bit more casual.

3. A culotte jumpsuit – what else? I’ve got a terracotta linen that would be perfect for the new New Look 6446 pattern I picked up recently.

4. White shorts are a must for me. An absolute classic that’ll go with everything. The Vogue 9008 will come in handy here!

5. A fabulous beach cover up. Now to be honest I probably won’t be in the beach/ by the pool very much but I got this fabulous red and white print fabric that was destined to be a cover up and I want to push myself to use it before I put it to the side and forget about it. I’ll probably draft something for this from scratch!

6. I want to make the Sula blazer from Ralph Pink. I have a feeling I might not get the courage to actually make this though (I’m a little afraid of outerwear) so it might not happen!

7. The dress from the Vogue 9075 pattern. Simple and sweet, it should be a great sundress in the right fabric.

8. A maxi tulip skirt. I’ve always wanted one of these but never got round to buying/ making one. I’m planning to make one out of some super soft grey jersey – easy to wear and won’t wrinkle when packed!

Is there anything you think could be added to the list that would fill the brief? 

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  1. Thanks for putting me onto the Ralph Pink designs! Wow! I love the Sula jacket, and it just might be what I was looking for to make in some rather lovely wool I’ve been aging.

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