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My 2022 Roundup!

Happy Lunar New Year to all those celebrating today! I’m still full from our family reunion dinner last night – we love our food parties a bit too much in our house! I’m treating the Lunar New Year as my main new year this year as I was rather sick (and also on holiday!) over the Gregorian one and it felt like it didn’t happen so here’s my 2022 roundup!

Well I have to say, blogging wise, 2022 was a bit of a failure! There’s been a serious lack of motivation at Self Assembly Required HQ and though things were still being made (albeit slower than usual), I never quite got up to same level of photography and writing as I usually do. I didn’t even get my new year post out on time!

So here’s a quick catch up of what I got up to in 2022!

January got off to a flying start with a trip to Mexico! I managed to whip a few swimwear options just before flying out as seen here…

Holbox island, Mexico

I started a pottery class at Clay Kiln Craft and found a new hobby! I ended up taking three different pottery courses this year and loved them all. Throwing on the wheel is so meditative for me and you really can’t have anything else in your brain when you’re concentrating on the clay!

Set of bowls

I joined a netball team! Only been 17 years since I last played but it was an absolute hoot to get back in to.

Bromley Ballers!

I upgraded my roller skates and bought these beauties! I’ve been trying be braver at park/ ramp skating and I’m just starting to get it. Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to start dropping into some bigger ramps this year!

Roller skate dreams!

We got an allotment! I put my name down during one of the first lockdowns and a year or so later we were offered one close to home. It was my first time trying any gardening so it was a really learning curve! I focussed on just growing some tomatoes and pumpkins and I have to say it went pretty well! We learnt lots about allotmenting to put into action for the upcoming growing season so hopefully the 2023 harvest is even better!

One of many tomato harvests!
Pumpkin patch!

I spent a week in Sicily eating my body weight in pasta and gelato. It was heaven!

Less than two after landing and already in the gelato!

I started a part time masters degree in minimally invasive facial aesthetics. I don’t normally talk about much work related stuff on here but a masters seems like a big deal! I didn’t think I’d ever do any further study so this is a big step for me! In a couple years, this might be a blog full of Botox and fillers! 😂

We had some wonderful birthday celebrations and welcomed a new little one into the family (not mine)!

I accidentally ordered a comically large cake!

We survived the 40deg heat and the -6deg cold and made it to 2023!

It’s been a rough year for many what with the war in Ukraine, skyrocketing inflation and all sorts going on (let’s not forget that the lettuce outlived Liz Truss – I’m writing that here so I can remember this later on) so it’s nice to look back and remember the good bits!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2023 full of good health, good times and good friends. Much love, Emily x

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  1. Hey this was a year where you managed some swimwear before you actually needed it, and got a year end post out before the end of January! Give yourself some well-earned credit 😁. Plus that swimsuit was fab

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