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The Seamstress Tag

I’ve been seeing a bunch of these around since it was initially posted by Hollie Sews in September. I loved reading/ watching everyone’s responses and getting to know all my fellow bloggers better!

(If you don’t know what a tag is, it’s a brief list of questions that you answer and then you’re supposed to tag a few others to do the same so it spreads!)

This is the first dressmaking related tag I’ve seen so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and join in!

Let’s get started!

Who are you?

I’m Emily! (Nice to meet you!). I’m located in south London at the moment but I grew up in Essex. I’m a dentist during the day and seamstress at night!

When / Why did you start sewing?

I must’ve been around 16/17 when I started sewing. My mum had just picked up the hobby again – she’d learnt when she was young – and she used to take me fabric shopping with her. She’d buy me bits and pieces to play around with and she taught me the basics of pattern cutting as well. It literally took me years before I was able to make anything wearable since I never used shop bought patterns (until recently)! 

I’d always loved being creative and “arty” but my skills with a pencil/ paintbrush were pitiful. I was always better at making things with my hands and putting things together, plus I loved fashion. Learning to sew was always going to happen!

Favourite/Proudest make?

I always mention the same dress when I’m asked this question – it’s a white jersey gown I made to wear to a ball 4 years ago. The dress was full length with a deep V neck, centre skirt split and hand stitched crossover pleats in the centre with a black velvet belt. It was the first time I thought my pattern cutting skills were actually good! It fit well, looked fab and I loved it. Surpringly though I don’t actually have any proper photos of it, only slightly drunken ones… (Unsurprisingly, I won’t be posting those here but if I remember to, I’ll dig it out and and take some new ones when I can and update this post later!)

Disastrous make?

There are way too many to pick just one! ☹️. I like to pretend they never existed though!

Favourite place for fabric shopping?

Walthamstow market. Any reader of my blog will know that! A close runner up is the Coupons de Marché St-Piérre store in Paris.

Most used pattern?

Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress. I try not to make too many of the same pattern but that’s one I’ve used multiple times to create different looks. 

Most dreaded sewing task?

Hand stitching hems. Sacrilege, I know. Especially when do many of us work hard to make beautiful hand sewn items. I’ll still do it but very grudgingly. At the end of the day, I’ll often pick speed over finesse…

Favourite sewing task?

Making and attaching collars. I don’t know why but I find it so amazing how they come together!

Favourite sewing entertainment?

I like to sew with the radio or some form of music on. Preferably Kisstory. There’s nothing wrong with combining sewing and bad dancing/ singing…

Printed or PDF patterns?

Printed of course, just for the pretty packaging! That being said, I hate waiting for things to arrive in the post – I’m all about instant gratification sometimes – and I like the instant download of a PDF. Plus, since I am in the habit of tracing all my patterns off anyway, it’s actually easier to do that off printer paper than the tissue paper of a sewing pattern.

What sewing machine do you use?

I have a Bernina 330 which I got in the beginning of 2015. Not the cheapest machine but I love it! I’ve also got a Bernina overlocker to match.

Any other hobbies?

I love to travel. Like really love to travel. It tends to get in the way of my sewing! I also love to read (YA dystopian and fantasy fiction if I can get it) and can churn through books like nothing else when I’m in the mood!

I’m not gonna tag anyone specific to carry this one forward – there’ve been so many already I wouldn’t know where to start! But if you haven’t done it yet and you’ve got a spare few minutes, why not try it yourself?

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    1. It’s definitely a good one to try. I think it’s a great staple to have on the wardrobe and perfect for those days when you just want an easy make!

  1. Matching and sewing collars are your favorite? I should package mine and send them to you! lol it’s all that experience with your shirt dresses. I like making button downs but the collars are always my least fav part. I love to make the button holes!

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