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A faux wrap Nettie bodysuit hack

I recently bought a faux wrap grey knit bodysuit from Zara in the sales. Aaaand then I returned in the next day. Why? Because a) the fit wasn’t amazing and b) I could definitely make that myself. 

I already had the Nettie bodysuit pattern from Closet Case (you can see my first one here) and a good idea of how the original went together and really, that is more than enough to hack my own!

I used the high neck back as it is from the Nettie pattern. The front pattern I traced out onto a piece of folded paper, with the fold on the centre front. I also marked on (but didn’t cut out) the point where the scoop front neckline sits. 

I cut out the traced version and opened it up to get a single piece of the complete front and drew a line/ curve from the left neck to the waist on right making sure to hit the mark on the midline. (That’s to make sure the wrap isn’t too high or too low cut). 

I then cut along the line to create the left front pattern piece. 

To make the right side, I flipped the pattern and traced out the top half, then drew a new line bisecting through the pattern from left to right a few inches below the waistline. Essentially, this creates a panel piece that would wrap across the body overlapping the left front instead of having two layers over the lower half of the body. I chose to add a bit of extra fabric here by slashing and spreading the panel to add some ruching along the side. 

I ended up with two new pattern pieces that looked like this –

I measured out new neck bands by measuring the new neckline and deducting 10% for stretch. 

Putting it together was pretty easy. The trick here was to finish the neck bands and the hem of the right front before sewing the rest of it to make sure all those edges were nice and neat. 

I ended up added short sleeves to it. (I initially wanted long sleeve but I ran out of fabric since I was using the leftover jersey from this project here). I finished it off with crotch snaps on a red plaid. 

I loooooooove it. I’m so glad I tried making it myself rather than sticking with a RTW version! I think I’m going to need to take it on a little at the sides but it’s going to be perfect with high waisted skirts and trousers and it’s super comfortable too!

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  1. Wow that’s a serious change to the pattern! I’m amazed at you for taking the initiative and it came out so great! It looks so soft. I think I would make one just to lounge in.

    1. Thanks! This jersey really is ridiculously soft. I also made some lounge/ yoga pants in them and I do live in them most of the time!

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