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The Pipit Loungewear Set // Common Stitch

You’d have thought I’d be bored of loungewear and the like over the past 18 months but no! Whilst everything is back open here in the U.K. and we’re technically able to go out and about, I realised/ remembered that actually I never really went out much anyway. So for me, the loungewear / fancy pyjamas saga continues!

This project was created for the Sew Anonymous blog. Aimee very kindly gifted me the fabric to use for it and has even offered a discount code for you guys to use in her shop! Use the code EMILY10 to get 10% off!

I always enjoy finding new independent fabric shops – in person would be best but let’s face it online is where it happens! I love seeing how a new owner has curated their collection of fabrics. It always seems like a reflection on them and their style. Sew Anonymous is definitely a fun store full of bright prints and colours.

I chose a rather awesome print for my project – a Little Johnny mystic print in black and white. The hands and moon phases really spoke to me for some reason! The substrate was a cotton poplin, so not something I often work with as it’s not a fabric I’d normally wear “out”. Because of that and with that graphic print, I knew some fancy pyjamas would be the best way for me to use it and get the most use of it too!

The Pipit Loungewear set from Aussie pattern company Common Stitch was the pattern that came to mind for this. It’s a pattern that really made the rounds last year as everyone got into the groove of sewing for our new indoor lives! It’s a loose fit shorts and blouse combo. The shorts have a simple elasticated waist and patch pockets. The dartless blouse has a button front and those flared sleeves. The sleeves are finished with a wide cuff. I thought the large uninterrupted pieces would work well to show off the print!

I made a size 14 with the only alteration being to shorten the sleeves. As much as I loved the look of the big sleeve, I knew how impractical I’d find it. I decided to take off 5cm off the length to take it to a 3/4 length. I made sure to remove this from the middle of the pattern piece so I still kept the full width though!

Worn outside and with trainers for the purposes of this photo only! 😆

I’d forgotten just how easy it is to work with cotton poplin. It’s stable, cuts and sews crisply and is just a general joy to work with. I wore this as soon as it was off the machine (hence the wrinkles!) so I can attest to how comfy it is too!

As a finishing touch, I also put in a Seam Queen label from Sew Anonymous too!

Don’t forget to use the discount code EMILY10 at Sew Anonymous for 10% off!

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