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An Elma blouse hack // Fibre Mood

I feel like I’ve made a ton of Fibre Mood patterns lately! It’s not on purpose, I just keep finding ways to use them!

Today is the turn of the Elma pattern which I’ve already used twice here and here.

I had gotten hold of some gorgeous Rifle Paper Co lawn remnants from Sew Me Sunshine last year. I used the ditsy floral print to make this skirt last year but I never got round to using the summery orange print (still in stock here by the way). I found it really hard to decide what to do with them as I had quite small pieces and all the ideas I had never quite seemed to fit on! I really wanted to use them this year though and finally settled in something that could work – a little puff sleeve blouse. The idea was to keep it quite cropped so I wasn’t wasting too much fabric on the length.

I wanted that puff sleeve square neck peasant top look that seemed that keeps lingering around. I would’ve thought I’d be over it by now but I really love that square neckline on me!

I knew the Elma pattern from Fibre Mood worked well for me as a dress so I thought it would make a great top too.

I essentially kept the pattern the same but cropped the length at the high hip length (about 12cm below the waist for me).

I really like the princess seams on this pattern and how it cuts across the bodice to create that square neck. The neck facing is a little fiddly as it’s quite narrow but it does give a lovely finish.

I added a little waist tie to give it a little bit of definitely at the waist as it was a looser fit here than I remembered.

I chose not to add the elastic at the sleeve hem which the original pattern calls for. I thought I’d try it loose for a little while to decide what I preferred.

I managed to make it just before the end of the September sunshine so at least it got a little bit of wear before autumn proper arrived!

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