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Cats galore on a new Rowan bodysuit!

I made my first Megan Nielsen Rowan bodysuit just a few weeks ago and I loved the simplicity and the fit of it so much that I just couldn’t help making myself another!

This time I opted to do a small hack to turn it into a scoop neck at the front.

Altering a neckline like this is an easy thing to do to change a pattern into something new! In this case I lowered the front bodice neckline by 16cm at the centre and gently curved it to blend into the shoulder.

And voilà! A whole new look using the same pattern!

I made this bodysuit out of one of my favourite jersey fabrics I’ve ever bought – a light pink cotton jersey covered in kittens wearing glitter crowns and bow ties. Sometimes I forget I’m an adult… I picked this one up from Stoff & Stil (of course) at the end of last year. I kind of wish I’d bought more of it! 😂

To finish the neckline I had to cut a new neck band pattern piece. I measured the length of the new neckline – front and back – and took off 10% to account for the stretch. I then sewed this together and used the quartering method to attach it to the bodice.

I was concerned about how the fit might change compared to my first body in that the percentage of stretch between the fabrics varied quite a lot and I didn’t compensate for it. I think I managed to get away with it though this one is a bit tighter!

I love wearing it with my cat pocket Cleo pinafore dress! I ❤️ all the cats!

Which is ironic because I’m allergic to cats in real life…

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  1. That makes a very cute outfit, and the fit is great. I discovered I’m allergic to cats shortly after adopting two kittens, too late – we’d fallen in love with them!

  2. Lol! As I was reading I thought ‘oh she must have at least two cats’ but you are allergic!!!! Poor thing, my daughter and husband are as well, so no cats for us but they are adorable on your outfit 🙂

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