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A spotted Eva maxi dress hack

I’m a bit of an impulse purchaser of online fabric and it definitely can be a problem! I always end up with fabric I don’t quite know what to do with! (Though partly that’s to do with the fact the fabric that turns up on my doorstep isn’t quite what I expected…)

I had this problem with my latest project – this spotted dress I’ve made!

I bought this large spotted linen from Simply Fabrics at the beginning of lockdown without a plan in mind. When it arrived the fabric was always a bit rougher, bouncier and more sheer than expected! I was determined to use it though as I hated the thought I’d wasted the money!

I knew it would be a summer dress that would have to be made. Because of the texture I wanted it to be quite loose – I didn’t want that rough texture too close to the skin! I thought a simple maxi design would be the best way to show off the print too!

I started with the Eva dress bodice (from Tessuti) as the base for my idea. I knew I liked the general fit on me as I’d used it before here, though I wanted to change the neckline from the original.

I lowered the neckline at the front and also brought the shoulders in a little bit too. Easy enough changes to make!

I used a large gathered rectangle (double the width of the bodice) for the skirt then added a ruffle at the hem. I kept each tier distinct with an exposed ruffle head made by finishing and folding over the top edge of each tier before adding my gathering stitches. Each layer was then topstitched onto the previous.

The overall effect is pretty decent! It’s a bit shapeless but that’s kind of what I was going for. It’s also a bit sheer so I think I’d have to wear a slip under it if I wear it out!

The large scale polka dot isn’t something I’ve used before and I think it’s quite fun!

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  1. This really works on you. Would be particularly perfect on a really hot summer day when you don’t want anything remotely fitted.

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