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A DIY pouffe with Spoonflower

Another year, another Spoonflower collab!

Spoonflower recently reached out to see if I’d want to take part in their blog hop celebrating 1 year of their dogwood denim fabric!

The heavyweight drill was perfect for a project I already had in mind – a little pouffe for my living room!

The recent free pattern release from Closet Case Patterns had this piece of homewear at the forefront of my mind. I’d initially planned to make one out of scrap pieces and use it as a “bin” of sorts for all my offcuts and little bits of leftover fabric.

I decided to use the Fill-a-yard tool for the first time which allows you to combine multiple prints into one or two yards. I wanted to use several different but cohesive prints to create a more interesting textile.

I chose 4 prints in total (2 by Holli Zollinger, 1 by Kelly Korver and 1 by Leanne) which were all in a similar colour scheme with a strong graphic element.

They totally go with my living space!

I umm-ed and ah-ed over over whether to use the Closet Case pattern or to go my own way and make something different (I wasn’t 100% sure if I wanted it round or square). In the end I decided to just go for it since it was all ready to use!

The pattern consists of 12 triangles, 12 rectangles and 2 semi circle pieces. It actually took up a lot more fabric than I thought it would! The 12 triangle wedges are all sewn together to create a big circle first. The rectangular panels are then sewn side by side to form one giant loop. The base comes together with a zip through the middle to allow you to open it!

This was so easy to sew together – the time consuming part was pressing all the seams! The dogwood denim by Spoonflower really is a lovely weight for a project like this where the stiffness and body is a bonus.

I used a faux leather ready made piping around the top edge. Whilst they say it’s not a necessity to use, I think it really helps to keep the round shape at the top, otherwise I think I would just sag a little.

I want to have one of these pouffes ready to fill at all times. The plan is that when it’s full of scraps, I can gift it to someone and then start again. That way I’ll be reducing my fabric waste as well as making someone a nice present!

(Ad alert – The fabric was gifted by Spoonflower in exchange for this blog post and photos. The opinions are my own. And yes, the pouffe is awesome regardless of where the fabric came from and you should totally make one too 😉.)

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