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A cosy cardigan!

Onto my second community challenge!

This time it’s the Cosy Cardi Challenge set out by the Stitch Sisters (@thestitchsistersuk @sodburysewing/ @shesewsvintage) and Amanda (@amanda_isewalot)!

I’ve always found sewing cardigans a little troubling. To be fair I’ve found buying cardigans a little troubling too. Fit is not my friend in this case (which is totally weird because I used to love wearing all my old cardis).

For this challenge I decided to try a very different style to what I’ve done before – an oversized kimono-esque style cardigan pattern that I got from Stoff & Stil.

This was the first pattern I’ve tried from the fabric company and I’m quite impressed so far. I got mine in a £2 pattern sale they had a few weeks back. The pattern included the cardigan in two lengths and a turtleneck t-shirt and comes pre cut on a light interfacing style fabric. Quite a bargain really!

The only downside to Stoff patterns is that they only come in one size. I’m so used to having lots of different sizes to choose from and being able to grade between them as I wished that it felt a little weird to only have the one. Because of this I don’t think I’d use their patterns for any fitted styles but it works well for anything loose fit or stretchy.

My fabric choice was this acrylic mohair knit that I got from The Textile Centre at the Knitting and Stitching show. I originally thought it had a zebra thing going on but it looks more like just an abstract stripe pattern. Either way it’s lovely and soft and perfect for a cardigan or sweater!

I made the longer version of the cardigan. It’s less practical but I also figured that if I didn’t like it enough to wear it out, it would totally work as a cosy dressing gown! 🤣

The pattern itself was a dream to sew. It’s really easy but still a bit different. It has a grown on back yoke thing attaches to the front of the cardigan and the back piece is cut in two parts. It’s very economical with fabric – I think I used less than 1.5m (which means I’ve got enough left over to make some fuzzy cushion covers…).

I opted to add on some patch pockets on the front because what’s the point in making your own clothes if you can’t put pockets on everything! 😂

This definitely hits the cosy brief of the challenge! Though I’m not sure the fit and style is totally me. I’m going to make the short version too and see if I like it enough for this to be my “go-to” cardigan pattern or if I still need to be on the hunt for one!

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