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Fabric shopping abroad!

I love combining my two favourite hobbies – sewing and travelling, so any opportunity to buy fabric whilst on holiday always makes me happy!

One of my favourite places to go for fabric is Paris of course! There’s an area at the foot of the Sacré Cœur in Montmartre which has a multitude of fabric stores and they contain pretty much anything you’d want to buy. I particularly like the coupons store which sell pre-cut fabric, usually in bolts of 3 metres, at a really decent price (a piece of cotton might cost you €10-15. There are also two HUGE fabric department stores there – imagine just floors and floors of fabrics. If you’re in the city, it’s definitely worth stopping by here! I always end up leaving with a suitcase full of fabric!

Head to Marché St-Pierre and Tissus Reine from metro station Anvers and stroll down Rue d’Orsel to get a look at the smaller boutiques there. There are a ton of stores all next to each other. If you only have time to get to one place, head here!

Malhia Kent is another store to go to if you have time. They specialise in couture woven fabrics and make absolutely beautiful stuff. They have a store on Rue Daumesnil under the arches (there’s an old railway converted to a park on top of it) selling off cuts and off the roll. Everything looks so pretty here!

A trip to New York isn’t complete without a trip to Mood!
If you’re a Project Runway fan like I am, you’ll love visiting this store (partly to get the Mood merch on offer there…). They pretty much sell everything here and the amount of fabric available is almost overwhelming. They have a lot of designer fabrics which I like – makes it seem fancier when you can say this is the same fabric used for some designer’s collection (I got some black cotton sateen from The Row when I was there last)! I usually don’t go too wild shopping here. I’m very wary about going overweight with my luggage home!

In Valencia, Spain I was tipped off about a gorgeous fabric store to visit – Julián López. Definitely worth going if you’re there! Masses of fabric and there were Liberty prints for €3.99/metre in the sale section!

Bangkok is another place I’ve managed to get some fabric shopping done. I visited the Phahurat fabric market there a couple of years ago and managed to find some great fabrics. Even in the heat and humidity, fabric shopping is fun!

I’m heading out to Singapore, Hong Kong and Penang in a few days and I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for new fabric finds.

Do you have any recommendations for places to check out whilst I’m out there? I’d love for any tips!

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  1. Your trips sound awesome! Sadly I rarely get to go anywhere abroad, but if you’re ever in Macclesfield, we have two fabulous fabric shops, Shuflebothams and the Fent Shop. I am really lucky that they are both just a few miles away. Pop in for a visit!

  2. I agree with you that traveling abroad combined with some fabric shopping makes it more exciting! I haven’t been in Marche St Pierre for 3 years now and I am dying to get back. I still have some coupons from there though 😉

  3. Any trip abroad should mean a fabric souvenir! Sounds like you have had some amazing trips , thank you for your recommendations, maybe there should be a website with all the worlds fabric shops marked on …

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