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Deer and Doe’s Mélilot shirt dress hack ver. 2

Maxi dress hack done, so it’s time to do the short version!

Using the same shirt pattern, the Mélilot from Deer and Doe, I planned to make a mini shirt dress using Version A – with the hidden button placket and collar – but without the sleeves. A combo of the 2 options available!

I made a size 40 and extended the bodice on both sides by 6 inches. I perhaps should’ve gone a little longer but I figured I’m short so a proper mini doesn’t really look that short on me… On the other hand I’m getting older and my hems are getting longer… Dilemmas.

Anyway, moving on!

I used this fab fabric I got from Walthamstow market a couple of weeks ago to make it. It’s a fine printed peach poly satin. The printed vintage cars, martini glasses and sneakers just looked too fun to pass up on!

 The slippery fabric however, did make cutting out a little trickier than normal. It was one of those times I wish I’d invested in a big cutting mat and a rotary cutter! That being said, there’s so few pattern pieces that it wasn’t a tremendous hardship.

Sewing up was relatively simple! Until I realised I’d forgotten to interface the button placket and decided to go ahead and sew the buttonholes in anyway. BAD idea! I’ve only gotten away with it here as the buttonholes are neatly hidden away with that extra fold of fabric otherwise I would’ve been beside myself!

Apart from that massive faux pas, I love this dress!

It’s super light and flowy and feels great on! I love the shape of the collar. The fabric is a little too sheer and I have to wear a slip underneath but I don’t think that’s a big problem.

What do you think?

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  1. That looks great. Lovely colour on you. I was lucky enough to get a shopping trip in paperchase with my friends 50% discount card, I got the biggest cutting mat I could carry and the longest metal ruler they had! But I’m a hairdresser: I love my scissors & only use the rotary & mat on slippy fabrics. It’s a good investment (especially at half price!).

  2. Love the fabric! and I think its a good length on you … old indeed! lol 😀 I found a place online that I can order a 6ftx3ft cutting mat for £126 so much cheaper than joining large mats together for cutting out big pattern pieces. Last time I cut out a moveable viscose fabric I laid it out smooth and flat then covered it in spray starch left it over night and then cut out my pattern… worked perfectly was so much easier to put together and then all the starch washes away… result! 😀
    Rotary cutters are great… took me a little while to get used to but I love them now – 2 sizes for different areas makes for even greater accuracy… well worth the investment 😉
    Lainey x

  3. First of all great job, It’s really tidy and I love the fabric. For me, it’s a tad short, I still see a shirt rather than a dress, but maybe that is just my age talking. 🙂 it is cute on you though.

  4. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog as I’ve been looking ALL OVER for a shirt dress hack like this. So thank you thank you thank you for the inspo!! It looks amazing and will be copying this weekend 🙂

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