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Another pair of Portobellos

One of my favourite makes from last year were my Nina Lee Portobello trousers. I made them out of a flowery viscose and they were the perfect holiday trousers – chic and comfy!

I liked them so much that I wanted to make another pair!

This time I used a burgundy heavy polyester crepe I got from Stoff & Stil.

I had originally earmarked this fabric for a Deer & Doe Belladone dress but at the last minute decided I’d rather do something a bit different with it – as much as I love the Belladone on other people I have a bad feeling it’s going to look bad on me…

Again I made a straight size 12 with not alterations except shortening the length a bit. Why mess with something that already works so well!

This how they came out!

I actually hemmed them a little shorter than I meant to but I’m kind of liking that I can wear them with flats.

Instead of a back button on the waistband I opted for a slide closure as I didn’t have a matching button to hand. I think it makes it look a little neater too.

The only thing I wish I’d tried with this pair is to put in a lapped zip instead of an invisible zip. Though that might be because I messed up my invisible zip a little at the top of the tape and it really bothers me (but not enough to go back and fix it!).

These are definitely in the secret pyjamas club as they are just so comfortable. I’m curious to see how much I wear them out though because I’m very much a skinny/ peg leg jeans kind of girl and these are very different vibe. I do love the whole chic trouser look though!

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  1. I just finished a pair of these as well in similar fabric. I do really like them but am also definitely more of a skinny jeans type so will be interesting to see how much wear they get. It’s good to try new things thought and they are so nice, feel super glamorous!

    1. I do feel super glam in these! Plus they’re so comfy. I think I just need to get used to the idea of not always seeing the outlines of me legs all the time!!! 😂

  2. These trousers look so comfortable and cute! They also look a little sassy too lol. I like a little sass in my clothing! I’m so glad that you are happy with them.

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