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A V9075 dress

I bought the Vogue 9075 pattern for the culotte jumpsuit and it’s the only thing from it I haven’t made… I’ve made the culottes by themselves and now I’ve made the dress but still no jumpsuit. I’m blaming the lack of suitable fabric for that!

So back to this dress!

I got this fab printed poly fabric ages ago and kept it aside for something “special”. In other words I had no idea what I wanted to do with it.  I love the colour combo and print but it’s really really busy so I definitely needed to use it in a simple design. The lightweight nature of the fabric meant that it’s the perfect type of fabric to wear on holiday – it doesn’t wrinkle, dries quickly and the busy print means no one will see if I accidentally spill something on it…

I’d never actually planned to make the dress version of the V9075 but it seemed to be the only thing I had that would work with this fabric and I wasn’t in the mood to self draft something. 

I made a size 14 – that’s the worse bit about Vogue patterns, they make you feel huge – and shortened the bodice slightly. The princess seams fitted nice to my body shape so I didn’t need to adjust those at all in the end! I altered the neck line slightly to widen it and added a facing instead of a full bodice lining. I also kept the sleeves and pockets.

I like it! 

The print makes quite a prim design a bit more fun and lively. It does take away from the style lines of the bodice though, and I think if I made it again (or if I make the jumpsuit version), I’ll use a plainer fabric that can show those off a bit more.

This is one dress that’s going to be added to my holiday appropriate wardrobe. I think I might be able to get away with it layered for winter as well though!

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  1. I love that! What size do you usually make in McCall’s patterns? I’m bummed out because I just made a vogue dress based on my measurements and their table and it’s HUGE. I guess that’s what I get for. It muslining but I am sad I can’t wear it after all that effort (bias rayon challis! That thing was slippery!).

    1. I don’t think I’ve used a McCall pattern! 😱. I’ve tons of Simplicity, Burda and Vogue patterns but no McCalls. Weird… That being said, I looked at their size charts and I’d probably make a 14 and prepare to take it in where necessary like the Vogue ones, though realistically I’d probably be able to get away with a 12. I’d always rather go up if I’m worried about something being small or I’m not sure on size.

      That’s a shame you can’t wear it. No chance of taking it in? Especially if you’ve already put all that hard work in!

  2. Your dress looks fab, it fits perfectly and thr fabric is lovely and such a bonus that it doesn’t wrinkle!

  3. For everyone, not just Emily–I have that problem with sizes too, especially is I make something for someone, they are always shocked about the pattern size vs the RTW size. It is because back in the 50’s when they resized (maybe for consistency?) the average figure was to be a size 10 or 12. Those measurements have not changed whereas RTW has continued to move done the scale! Amazingly, even though I am 15 pounds heavier than when I got married, I am one size smaller according to ready to wear, but 1-2 sizes larger in patterns.
    That said, fit is the key to a good looking garment, and self made has no size label! YIPPEE! Therefore, your size is not a number it is just perfectly you!

  4. Really cute , love the print and the pockets , colour way really suits you , I agree with Kathy , the number doesn’t matter , but is frustrating when something comes out unexpectedly enormous!

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