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Simplicity Sewing Challenge – the vintage crop top

How cute is this pattern? 

When I saw it as the Best Vintage Make category for the Simplicity Sewing Challenge, immediately I thought it was way too cute to pass up! 

View C is by far and away my favourite of all the options so a definite no brainer when it came to deciding what to make. I was really tempted to turn it into a dress – I could totally see it attached to a full circle skirt for that vintage flair – but actually I thought I could probably do with adding a crop top to my wardrobe. So, for now at least, I’ve decided to just stick to the top and maybe save a dress version for future!

Picking a fabric was hard! I settled on a peach cotton print I got whilst in Paris earlier this year. The colour is perfect for summer and since this is a crop top, I figured I probably wouldn’t be wearing in the winter months and shouldn’t worry about making it to suit my winter wardrobe…

The pattern is pretty straightforward and really easy to sew. The fabric choice definitely helped there as the firm cotton held its shape well and was a breeze going through my sewing machine. I liked how the method used to sew it all together contains all the raw edges so no finishing is needed as you go. 

Look how neat the insides are!

Fitting-wise I took an extra 3/4″ off the lower hem. I’m way too short to get away without a length adjustment! I probably could have done with a little more off for a perfect fit to my natural waist. 
I could’ve also made it more fitted as well (or just made a size smaller). I made a 14 which according to the size chart should fit but it does come up big. The 1 1/2 inch ease it comes with is perhaps a bit excessive… It’s that fine line with woven crop tops of being able to breathe vs being super fitted! Maybe I’ll add a stretch panel next time!

I’m thinking I might make a matching skirt to go with the top. That way I’ll get the feel of having made a dress but with more versatility. I’ve seen some gorgeous co-ord outfits around so definitely something to aspire to!

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  1. That looks great. Lovely insides too. I’m making one for a friend at work but with the peplum… Haven’t even started yet… Eep! Hope you wore it today, it’s been ROASTING! β˜€οΈπŸ‘πŸ™

  2. I just made this pattern too with cotton! I too found the finished product a bit big for following the measurements on the envelope. I did make a stretched bit in the back and added length. Yours looks great on you. A matching skirt would be too cute. I think when I make this again I’ll try a stretch fabric and see how that goes.

    1. Yeah I’m thinking the same – a panel of something stretchy on the sides. Or perhaps using something like a denim with lots of Lycra content… As much as I want it really fitted, I also want to breathe!

        1. I know, right! I made a denim skirt a while back which would have the perfect amount of stretch for a crop top. Might have to go back to the shop for some more!

  3. The colour is lovely on you , can’t imagine how you do those buttons up ?
    Could you replace the whole back with a shirred panel ? Would give a great fit , looking forward to seeing your next one , hope good weather holds !

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